3 standard

  1. K

    PS3 Suddendly short range, Mode Changed to WiFi Reconnect?

    Hi everyone I buyed a broken PS3 over a year ago and could fix it after a few attempts. Everything worked okay and with an windsurfer I even managed to reach distances over 1km! But now from one day to the other I only can fly ca. 70m then the aircraft loses signal and returns home. In the...
  2. R

    Phantom 3 Standard Like New With all accessories and Case FOR SALE 320$ plus shipping!

    The drone and controller are like new work 100%, about 10 hours total of flight. Battery new, charger like new, propellers work but are dirty from dirt, but comes with new ones.Extra case can carry the drone and controller along with propellers, charger , and some extra items. Message for...
  3. R

    Phantom 3 Standard For Sale with Extra Case!!!

    have a phantom 3 standard in very good condition almost perfect beside dirty propellers, includes everything from original purchase such as charger, RC, parts, stickers, and more. Also comes with a case that can store the phantom, the RC, and extras in it. looking for around $335 for all of it...
  4. Green Phantom

    Beautiful Derbyshire over the Swizzels Mill

    Took some pics this morning for work over the Swizzels Sweets Factory Mill. Thought id share them with you all. Comments welcome. I will be doing a short video of my work too which i will post on Youtube in the near future. Thanks
  5. Green Phantom

    The Phantom 3 Standard can still stand proud and love it

    Anyone else feel their 3 Standard still produces very good footage and performs well? i really want a 4 or Mavic but then i look at my recent videos and think the 3S produces nice footage and edits well. The only thing i feel that's missing is not having 60fps in full HD 1080p. Anyone else...
  6. M

    Phantom 3 Standard - built in video wifi range

    im familiar with 2.4ghz wifi and the distance limitations on Computer wifi but my question is the range shows up to 1km for the remote that controls the drone. The wifi fot video, what's the approximate range for the app to connect to drone which I don't believe will go 1 km. Is that a...
  7. JamesG2571

    Morning Haze video!!

    Hi, I am a new phantom 3 pilot and this is only my second video with the quad, I shot it in the early morning in the south of England. Enjoy. Shot with Phantom 3 Standard - 1080p - D-LOG - Edited in Final Cut Pro X