1. E

    Phantom 3 Standart firmware upgrade failed(1.6.80). HELP please cry :'(

    Hi. I have bought P3S and make firmware upgrade. Everything was ok. And now after 15 days I got a message an my phone that i need to upgrade. So I pressed start. In show me 20% and in 2 minutes "upgrade failed" here is a log from SD card " ========== 2016.07.25 20:59:16 =====================...
  2. respibob

    Range variations with P3S

    I have had my P3S for about 2 weeks and have made several flights. I have been reading all the problems people have with the 1.6.8 update but I went ahead and did it when I got my Phantom. The range of distances vary so much that it must have something to do with several things, i.e. the update...
  3. R

    P3 Firmware Update to 1.6.80 caused problems with Nvidia Shield K1 Disconnects

    Yesterday I updated FW to 1.6.80 and my Nvidia Shield K1 tablet is losing connection and the screen goes to black & white. It will reconnect after a while but it soon disconnects again. Needless to say I have not tried it in the air like this. The tablet is setting next to the RC and the P3...