1. T

    DJI Spark or DJI Phantom 3 Standard? Which should I buy?

    Dear PhantomPilots users I'm going to buy a drone, and I'm primarily been looking at these two. I don't know that much about drones. I just know that small Chinese toy "drones" are rubbish, and that DJI is one of the best brands, if not the best one. I have the opportunity to buy one of these...
  2. R

    Phantom 4 Pro Live Stream to nearby Projector/TV without using Internet

    I wanted to purchase Phantom 4 Pro for live streaming to nearby Projector/TV without using Internet as my work will be done in remote locations and there will be no internet. So what will be the best way to render good quality video on mainly Projector(/TV). Options what till now I can find on...
  3. A

    My First P4P video! Comments appreciated

    I got the video made! It's not the best. Comments are very welcome, please don't tear me up! I'm not good enough at editing color and couldn't figure out how to make "profiles" to apply to clips, so instead of doing each one manually I left them all untouched. [EDIT] I used YouTube's simple...
  4. Adrian Serwin

    Norway Drone Footage - 1080p - DJI P3P

    From the 30th June until th 10th July I had the pleasure of exploring the southern and western side of Norway. These are some of the quick clips I managed to capture on my trip and after putting them together and adding some music - this is what I've come out with. Hope you enjoy the video!
  5. MrRobville

    Any reason not to use 2.7K?

    Hi there, I'm new to this forum and I have a small question I haven't seen being asked before. Please forgive me if it's a silly question. I was wondering, is there any downside to always film in 2.7K opposed to just 1080p? It seems that the available framerates between the two are identical...
  6. M

    Snowy Valley in New York

    Something i did this winter. If you like the video come check out more at my channel: Mike Panio
  7. J

    4k video and converting

    Basic questions probably, but I've done a lot of photography with the drone and not a lot of video so not quite sure best way to shoot 4k. I see my video settings on the tablet in DJI GO 4 say im in 4k but I just have a few questions. 1) I have recorded some video my video in 4k (well the app...
  8. Best of Crete - Greece 2016 - YouTube

    Best of Crete - Greece 2016 - YouTube

    A short film showing the some of most amazing parts of Crete, Greek Island. Most of the shots are filmed with DJI Phantom 3 and Panasonic Lumix FZ 1000.
  9. DigitalKnight

    Spring Along the Rocky Mountain Front Range

    Hey all, This is my first ever attempt at editing video from multiple flights, and using Windows Movie Maker no less. Might as well start with the simple stuff before I move up to something that costs $$$. It was a great day to capture some of the "everyday" beauty when everything greens-up...
  10. R

    Can't get iMovie to recognize 2.7k mp4

    Hi There, I am a complete newbie to the Phantom. I shot some of my first flights and uploaded them directly to youtube where they correctly were recognized as 1440p. However if I import them into iMovie 10.1.2, it is very unwavering in its belief that they are 1080p and nothing more. Is there...
  11. R

    Poor Quality Video at 60 fps 1080p

    I shot some 1080p 60 fps video on my Phantom 4 (P4) and was very disappointed by the quality. It looked blurry as if over compressed. I’m wondering if others have run into this, if it’s a well known problem, or... Here’s my thinking about it all: I understand that P4 max video throughput is 60...
  12. wlkngmachine

    4k > 1080p crazy moire!? Help!

    Everyone says that shooting in 4k and then downgrading to 1080p gives you a better image than shooting directly in 1080p, but when I change the sequence settings in Premiere to downsample my 4k 23.976f/s to 1080p 23.976f/s it gets super blurry and there is a ton of moire!! what am I doing...
  13. WTFOver


    Selling my damaged P3 Advanced camera and gimbal. Camera looks good, lens not cracked. Selling for parts only. Includes USPS Small box Priority Flat Rate Shipping.
  14. J

    4k vs 1080 for web production

    Here's a good video from Linus Tech Tips with regards to the advantages (or lack thereof) in terms of 4k video.
  15. T

    1080p at 48fps

    Hello, Sorry if there is already a thread about this. Is the 1080p at 48fps (I've seen this described some places) a firmware upgrade? I havn't been able to find it on my Phantom 3 Standard. Thanks. -Stephen
  16. D

    Lake House - first Phantom video

    I wanted to test out the follow me feature. Also did some manual flying which was pretty tough with all of the different orientations of the jetski and drone. The computer I used to use for videos is way outdated so I ended up just making this on my phone. Don't expect super stunning footage...
  17. J

    Check out this short clip! Flying my P3P by waterfalls and cliffs

    Hey check this out! As always, feel free to critique! Flying near a waterfall in provo canyon, Utah. 1080P film using my P3 Pro. Please like and subscribe on youtube! :) Jaron Vansambeek
  18. unclejas


    Took my P3P out to film some buddies paramotoring this weekend.