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    Phantom 4, DJI care, Ipad 4, 3 batteries, Polar pro filters and more... SOLD.

    I truly wish I had seen this before buying my latest DJI toy! This sounds like a great deal!
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    drone insurance by the hour

    This sounds like a fantastic! Any plans on moving into Canada? Currently, our laws are a little more lax but as a operator, this seems like an ideal solution.
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    Having read through previous posts regarding ND filters from, I decided to risk it and buy a set. Am I ever glad I did! The packaging was sophisticated and sufficient, I received a confirmation number immediately after purchase and shipping from Arizona to Nova Scotia was...
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    ericpoll - My YouTube Channel featuring mostly drone work
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    Mixing Apple and Android

    woot woot! Thanks msinger!
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    Mixing Apple and Android

    Hi Folks Quick question. I would like to use an Android with my controller (Samsung Tab) but I do all of my post-production with a Mac. Am I likely to encounter any problems with this set up?
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    HPRC Wheeled Hard Case for DJI Phantom 3 Professional and Advanced ***SOLD***

    Will you entertain shipping to Canada? Postal Code B4P 1A1
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    Phantom 2 vision + for $750 shipped

    I'm interested. Will you consider shipping to Canada?