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    Local Company Invents DJI Phantom!

    I just happened to see this post today. I am the person in the video. As usual people make comments without paying attention. For the record, AERIS U.A.S. is the company and I am the CEO. It should be noted that anyone who knows anything about research and development knows that you don't show...
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    I have a brand new Phantom I never out of the box. I'm selling it for 469.00 and shipping is free. It was purchased three months ago so it is the latest generation of the Phantom 1. I am in Florida and will ship to only to U.S. States. Sorry no international sales.
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    Show off your CUSTOM, MODIFIED, TRICKED OUT Phantoms

    Here just a little example of some design work I do to these little gems. With multiple layers of clear coat you can make your phantom pop out. Oh and it does not add weight that your batteries will notice.
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    Latest CF Landing gear for upgraded Phantom

    I purchased and received my ATG landing skids. My only problem with them is there are absolutely no assembly instructions. Okay, no problem I'm good at puzzles. Plenty of pictures on line for reference. However the back support plates that are supposed to have four holes only had two drilled. No...
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    [SOLVED] Runs away in GPS mode with new update (2.10/3.10)

    Re: [SOLVED] Runs away in GPS mode with new update (2.10/3.1 I too am having similar issues. However here is a little tool that I use as a rotorcraft aviator to verify GPS is working and accurate before I fly. RAIM or receiver autonomous integrity...
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    If you fly over water check this out

    The only think I see as a problem is salt water. I many cases its corrosive content is the end of certain electronics. But then again relatively speaking replacing parts is cheaper then replacing the whole UAV. I love the idea. Came up with something similar with cell phones. I learned a lot but...
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    Looking for other Phantom Pilots?

    Sarasota, Fl. I'm always looking to learn or share what I have learned or what I will learn from someone. Anyone in the area that need to know the laws hit me up. I am a rotorcraft "helicopter" pilot and know the airspace well in this state. Let me know if I can help.
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    Legal & Standardization Time to Start

    Dear Fellow UAV Pilots, I've been reading posts, news articles and reports pertaining to UAV use by my fellow citizens of the United States. I propose it is time to unite all of us along with the companies that provide both UAV and or parts. We all know that the media is missrepresenting the...
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    Was attacked by an onlooker

    Well done! as a fellow pilot FAA LIC# 3251272 rotorcraft. Documentation and education win almost every time. Good use of AIM/Far and sectional. I've started preaching to UAV users put these things in there flight bags along with a copy of any local ordinances and state regs. Also the 4th...
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    Was attacked by an onlooker

    We'll lets look at it from a police officers "me" view. Lets say that concerned citizen called that issue in and I responded. First things first. Is anyone hurt or is there any jeopardy of that. It' would seem from your post clearly there is not. Secondly, are you on private property. Again...