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    Dunskey Castle & Portpatrick

    A sunny day in Scotland in September
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    Caaf Water - Summer and Winter (Scotland)

    Eventually managed to get some flying in this year (we've had really wet and windy weather), and cut some of my summer footage from last year into this new footage.
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    Tips For Improving Your Films

    Good post shripfarmer, lots of really good tips. I'll add one if I may If you're going a long way away from base, take a laptop if possible, it's not fun to turn up somewhere, wait for the phantom to warm up only to be met with flashing red lights. Happened to me once, even though I...
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    Loch Doon

    If it wasn't an inch it wasn't much more. Afraid, no. But you should have seen the full throttle climb after the last frame I used :) I think most of the shots on are awesome Don't agree with all of their flying but enjoy most of their videos...
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    Tarot Gimbal is Drunk

    Hi I've got one, and it's been good (with a few quirks). Not sure I can be of that much help but I'll try. So, have you updated both systems to the latest 1.4 firmware? After doing that, with the camera attached and facing straight up you can do a calibration. There's a nearly 300 page...
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    Loch Doon

    Thank you, however others produce better videos, I just try to learn and get better each time. Most of the low passes were between 6 inches and a foot. At the end I got to about an inch or so, it was unintentional, but made a good ending, so I slowed the speed and used it.
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    Loch Doon

    Thank you and you too :)
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    Loch Doon

    Thanks. I just point the quad, nature does the rest of the work. It's truely breathtaking scenery around there, and it's always* that sunny in Scotland *except when it's not :)
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    The Falls of Dochart,Killin,Scotland

    Hi So you were off your home patch eh? I'm down in Ayrshire - though I've visited the Wheel (see one of my videos) next to you, though I'll probably give the Kelpies a miss (too near the road for my liking). There's lots of spectacular stuff around you. I thought about heading north around...
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    The Falls of Dochart,Killin,Scotland

    A good spot, and we've definately had the weather for it!
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    Loch Doon

    Not been doing much flying owing to the weather, but managed to do a bit of low level water flying on the last day of 2013 and cut it together with some video I shot earlier in the year.
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    Scottish Based Flyers

    I buy my stuff from and also both have given good service, but I think buzzflyer is a bit more pricey at times. Ebay for all sorts of nicknacks, including my gimbal
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    Falkirk Wheel

    Thanks for the comments. It's the subject that's spectacular, I just tried to capture it. I got loads of footage, but didn't use it (inspite of the final length) eg I threw away a second timelapse. I'm no expert, but here's what I've got/do Camera: GoPro Hero 3 FPS: 60 Gimbal: Tarot 2D FPV...
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    Falkirk Wheel

    A rotating boat lift in Scotland. Shot with my phantom, and a bit of timelapse too.
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    Over water flights. - video.

    Really nice shots, particularly like the boat one at the end, imaginative.