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    Chance to win $1,000 for drone videos

    AirVuz started a new contest and is giving away $1,000 a week as part of a drone video contest. More info here.
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    Video of a local brewery

    A new brewery opened in my town of Hudson, Wisconsin, and reached out to me to put together a video for them. I shot this with a Phantom 4, Osmo, and GoPro. Here is the final product:
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    Interview with the Queen of Dronies

    I had the chance to chat with Renee Lusano, aka the Queen of Dronies, for a show I host on Renee's dronies are pretty epic. She has a knack for finding really cool locations (often without anyone else around her) for her dronies. She started flying with the OG Phantom 1 with her...
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    2017 Drone Video Awards

    The deadline for the AirVūz 2017 Drone Video awards is this Friday (Dec. 15). If you've got awesome videos, consider submitting them. Here's more info on the contest, which includes 12 different categories and cash prizes.
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    Minnesota Vikings corn maze

    Had it as an embed in the post, but here's the link again: Airvūz - Vikings maze
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    Minnesota Vikings corn maze

    There are several corn mazes in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, and the Twin Cities Harvest Festival and Corn Maze happened to pay tribute to the Minnesota Vikings with its maze this year. Here's a short video I put together of the maze.
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    Droning the Minnesota State Fair

    My company became the first ones to get permission to fly drones at the Minnesota State Fair (the fair is a pretty big deal up here in Minnesota). Before this year, they'd been hesitant to use drones for anything. We shot a bunch of footage of the fairgrounds before the fair opened yesterday...
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    Aerial history of Minneapolis

    My company just released this project that documents the history of Minneapolis on the 150th anniversary of the city. It's a bit long (~15 minutes), but I think pilots here will enjoy it. It's a mix of current-day drone footage and historic videos/images of the same buildings to show how the...
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    Dirk Dallas interview

    Many of you are probably familiar with Dirk Dallas' drone work (or perhaps his account/hashtag/website "From Where I Drone). I talked to him for a show I host on about how he got into drones and how his aerial photography has evolved. Here's the episode if you're interested in...
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    Drone registration ruled unlawful by U.S. Court of Appeals

    Pretty big news in the drone world as the U.S. Court of Appeals ruled the FAA's drone registration is illegal. Curious to see what happens next. A while back, I interviewed the attorney, John Taylor, who was suing the FAA over the registration rule. If you want some background of the lawsuit...
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    Video of unique village in Minnesota

    I don't recall the total number of flights, but it was about an hour (3 batteries).
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    Video of unique village in Minnesota

    This past weekend, I was asked to fly at the Little Log House Prairie Village in Hastings, Minnesota. I had never heard of it before, but I was glad I had the chance to fly there. It's a unique venue where over 40 buildings were moved there and restored, including a church from the 1890s...
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    Madison, Wisconsin

    Thanks! Yeah I didn't have any connection issues where I was. Luckily, my Phantom 4 has been pretty good with that lately.
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    Madison, Wisconsin

    Was in Madison this weekend and had some great weather to fly. I snapped this picture of Camp Randall and the campus behind it. As a University of Wisconsin alum, it was great to see the town from this view. (And yes, I know the campus has a no-drone policy, which is why I flew from off campus.)
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    Drone rules in Peru and Chile?

    We're definitely considering spending a day in Valparaiso. It looks like a beautiful city!