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    Replace the motor yaw of gimbal.

    The motor probably don´t work because the flat cable is broken. If you are a electronic enthusiast maybe can weld the flat cable. Is what i do and it´s 5 stars. If you want i put a photo whith the final work, but i have to take it in the drone.:D
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    Lost front sensor/camera

    Thanks for your disponibility ianzone, i am from the other side of the world (Portugal). I think the only way to arrange this cover is whith someone like you who had change the buttom shell, and the old one have it . My phantom 4 is the special edition (black) but ther´s no problem if it´s...
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    Lost front sensor/camera

    Hello. Anyone know where can i buy the little cover of the right front sensor/camera in phantom 4 ? I lost im in a little crash and i can`t find it nowhere. Thank you.
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    Greetings from Portugal

    I have a phantom 2 vision plus and a phantom 4 . I use them for some videos and fun. Good flights for all of you.