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    Cycling from the sky

    93697096 The College Road Nationals were in my town. I was able to coordinate with city & race officials, emergency response, and Homeland to capture footage that didn't impact the race but captured some great perspectives. Of course, I couldn't charge for the service because the FAA is a bunch...
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    SOLD: Phantom 2 with Gimbal, GoPro, Monitor & extras

    Re: FS: Phantom 2 with Gimbal, GoPro, Monitor & extras Howdy! I'm interested in possibly picking this up as a back up rig. I'll message you through ebay as well. cheers, brandon
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    DJI Releases Naza Assistant 2.14 and Naza Firmware 3.14

    It seemed like it was there before but now it's missing. Is that showing up for you guys as well?
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    Transmitter calibration problem

    I'm having the same issue as Tomas and the 'copter wants to pull slight to one side. Could it be a transmitter calibration issue?
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    A video guy's attempts @ RC.

    Hola internet people from around the globe! I'm new to the phantom world and the p.pilots forum. By trade I make vids, movies, commercials, etc... I've been reading a lot of posts here and they have been helpful as I struggle thru the unfamliar world of quadcopters. Here's a quick video I cut...