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    Best DJI drone for long exposure

    I can’t speak to actual long exposures, but if you’re trying to shoot nighttime cityscapes, you should try shooting raw photos then bringing out the lights using software such as Lightroom. Of course, you wouldn’t get light trails from vehicles with this method, but you should be able to get a...
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    Vacationing in Florida

    You will need to get 336 registration as a hobbyist with the FAA. The cost is $5 and the registrations lasts 3 years.
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    New guy here with questions about DJI

    Hi Charlie. I can’t specifically attest to experiencing DJI customer service or warranty work, but what I can say is that since DJI maintains such a huge percentage of the consumer marketshare, there will inevitably be a larger number of low reviews, purely in terms of volume. In regards to the...
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    Noob question maybe

    The answers to both your questions are “yes.” It is definitely nice to be able to change the home location as needed, but it’s not a deal-breaker to not be able to. The larger concern would be your ability to properly set a home location at take-off. The P3 will try to set its current location...