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    Tai Po Waterfront - Fly-by with a Phantom III Advanced

    For my fourth flight of the DJI Phantom III Advanced, I took it down to the Tai Po Waterfront Park in Hong Kong at 6:00 in the morning to see what I could capture. Among the 60+ crowd doing Tai Chi, yoga and dancing exercises to repetitive music tracks I set the buzzing filming platform up into...
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    Third flight - Night at a Hong Kong bridge

    No, didn't use auto, filmed at shutter of 50 and ISO 1600. WB at around 3500k if I remember rightly.
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    Third flight - Night at a Hong Kong bridge

    Hey all, I just recieved my first drone this week, P3A, and decided to run myself through training exercises in getting to know the drone controls, sensitivity, speed, faults and video handling, etc. Below is the result from my third flight. Unfortunately I always get home too late to fly...
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    Phantom 3 Parachutes

    It looks promising, but haven't found statistics on minimum height to deploy fully. Anyone seen such information? Also, does anyone have any idea on the impact it would bring to the stability of a drone in flight, given you're putting added weight on a single side of the drone?
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    Choppy footage. Any suggestions? DJI 3 Adv.

    Thank you for the response, I ran a second round of filming tonight and changed the below things: - Switched down to 1080p (Originally 2.7k) - Changed to Manual ISO and Shutter speed Now everything is running smoothly, but I have questions on what was causing the bad image previously, the...
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    Choppy footage. Any suggestions? DJI 3 Adv.

    Hi all, I'm a new owner of a Phantom 3 Advance and took it for a quick test filming the night after purchasing. The image quality I'm getting is terrible due to two main factors: Choppy/staggering footage Motion blur The second point should be just down to the shutter speed, which I will look...