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    one button take off in dji go app how about in the litchi app

    Hello, You will only see the one button take off in Litchi FPV mode, could you have switched Litchi to Waypoint/Follow/etc? Best regards, Tommy.
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    an odd effect when photographing auroras on a ship

    I have an Osmo, not Osmo+, which I've often used to record time-lapse and long exposure. Since the first, there has always been a notable slow wobble caused by the gimbal motors. Where there is a breeze, the wobble can be accentuated; I find a wind break for the camera helps a little sometimes...
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    DJIi Cares

    Only covers damage to aircraft, camera or gimbal. Accessories are not covered, remote controller, etc..
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    Sensible new laws in the UK

    I can only be thoroughly disappointed by the draconian restrictions the UK government has decided to impose. My local park is only just within 3 miles of Manchester International Airport (4.5km away), and I have never flown my UAV even within 2.5miles of the airport. With these new laws, I'd be...
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    Problems Using DV Viewer

    :D Hi Jim, Really glad to have been able to help. Well done and best regards, Tommy.
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    Problems Using DV Viewer

    Hi Slats, Quite right, the DV Viewer is part of the DJI Assistant 2; the executable is in the Assistant folder. My drone is at home, so I've not gotten further than the initial screen, but I can run Viewer.exe standalone. Before anything, I found the keys geometry and windowState in...
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    Problems Using DV Viewer

    I wish I could give a definite answer, but I can only suggest the software has either written some keys in the windows registry which are not removed or do not change when you remove/reinstall the software; or possibly keeping some files in the %APPDATA% system folder. I'll install DV Viewer...
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    Litchi Magic Leash

    Yes Mark, Both mobile devices must be connected to the internet for Magic Leash to work. I'm not sure if there is a minimum level of connection, but I don't imagine a high speed connection is required. However, in an area with limited or no mobile data connection, I'd expect it to be either...
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    Litchi Magic Leash

    Yes Mark, it is definitely working with a Huawei P9 lite for me, Android 6.0. I tested the link to magic leash on another device and it connected fine I hope there is a simple solution for you. The Redmi Note 5 looks up to specification. Do you have DJI GO on the same device? It shouldn't...
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    Litchi Magic Leash

    HI MarkP90, I believe I am running the same version of Litchi and just tested this. (4.10.0-g) When I click the icon from the Follow Settings pop-up, the icon starts to spin, the blue text shows "WAITING" and a message box appears - Magic Leash PIN:xxxx I assume I would enter this PIN on the...
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    Disconnecting frequently around 800 Feet and only connecting when close

    To get the custom settings for the channels, I had to set my mobile device to US region and patch the DJI GO software with the 32 channel hack. I thought the Transmission Quality slider would have been available without needing to do that. What region are you flying?
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    Disconnecting frequently around 800 Feet and only connecting when close

    Hi BAMAXXX, In the HD settings for the GO app, what is the Transmission Quality slider set to? Perhaps reducing the transmission rate will improve the signal quality and range for you. Good luck and happy flying. Tom
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    Confused about the need for gps chip

    Hi Talmai, Put DJI Go into Camera mode, do not need to be connected to aircraft. So long as you have internet connection, DJI Go will cache the maps as you view them in the app. You just need to move the map to the area you are to fly. I usually move around the map at various levels of...
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    does pulling throttle all the way down in flight disarms the motors ?

    The bird feels the resistance of your hand, preventing it from descending any further, and decides it must be on the ground already.
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    Watch out for the seagulls !

    Maybe just persistance to get their moment in the spotlight? Certainly looks like it means business, so I'm glad both birds came away unscathed. Still, manages to look very graceful hanging in the air like that, and the backdrop is stunning. Thank you Robin.