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    Howdy from Dallas!

    My name is Steve, a 25 year RC Pilot that fell in love with drones four years ago, I earned my part 107 in 2018. I have worked in the print/marketing industry for 20 years and for the last 10, own a print brokerage/marketing business. I have slowly added a photography division to my core...
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    Howdy from Dallas!

    Welcome from another DFW pilot. I am in the Plano Carrollton area. I fly often.
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    Howdy from Dallas!

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    Tripod mode 5 mph max for photos etc
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    Mexico Drone Laws in 2019?

    I took my Spark to Mexico (north of Cancun) in October. They had almost the same laws as USA. No problems and I took some great photos.
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    Who is up Flying in the Cold Today?

    I plan on flying my P4P today here in Dallas. Forecast is for 68’ and sun.