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    New leaked p3 advanced leak

    LMFAOOOOOOOO Shut him down?! LMFAOOO Hes gunna send DJI after u!!! LOLOLOL Who said it was proprietary info? Wait...the iPhone 6s is coming this fall. Ooooopppssss! The Phantom 4 is coming next year....OOOOPPPPSSSS That was hilarious!!!!! So, obviously this is true so when is it being...
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    Thought on this.... What did this guy do wrong? Why did the police confiscate it? Here is the law:
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    Ultimate Flight VS review and opinion

    I had the chance to test both of these out. I thought you guys should know before you buy....This is just my opinion....I have been using both of the apps for a week now. UF has a lot more options to configure which is great. The app is tailored around the user. Litchi is more basic. Ken...
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    RC Firmware

    I just turned on my P3P and controller with DJI Go app for Android and got alert to update to I had 1.32 on there previously
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    NYC people, where you at? All 5 Boroughs General Post.

    Usually to Dyker Park, a school yard by our houses, McKinley Park
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    LED light wires

    I dunno if anyone has had experience with taking the P3 apart but I took 2 of them apart and noticed that the earlier model had thin LED light wires and a newer one had thicker ones....
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    Professional P3 Motor failure, caught during preflight

    Its not hard to replace the motor. Just have to take off the top shell and disconnect GPS wire. And obviously the screws holding the shell together. You also have to desolder motor wires solder the new motor back and if you don't have experience doing that then your best bet is to find...
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    NYC people, where you at? All 5 Boroughs General Post.

    I'm from BK and have 2 other people that fly.
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    P3 shell from Advexure

    Thank you for pointing out the landing gear. I just got my replacement shell yesterday and didn't see the landing gear. I just went out to the garbage to get the box and I found the landing gear lol
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    FW 1.3.20 and Litchi POI

    Where can we download the alpha version?
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    New version next week!

    I have a feeling that DJi is going to update the app next week as well as the FW to implement the waypoints and such. So the DJI GO app might have waypoints and everything else built in, instead of using 3rd party apps? But the 3rd party apps might have more features. Look at the vision...
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    1.32 and Waypoints

    Nevermind...found my need for beta firmware
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    1.32 and Waypoints

    Can anyone confirm if the new 1.32 has the waypoint functionality built in or do we still have to use the beta? I plan on buying the Ultimate Flight app tomorrow
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    Button on IMU

    Anyone know what the button does on the side of the IMU? Its right next to the LED light
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    Professional Flight data

    I have a question about the flight data records stored on the P3. My p3 pro crashed. It dropped from 100 feet in the air and I would like to know what caused it. Which is the best method to find out? To read the data logs from the pilot app that is stored on my phone or to read the logs that are...