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    In plain English please...the difference between atti and P modes

    ATTI mode also is good when taking off from a moving boat as the drone will stay in your hand (and you will definitely need to hand launch and land) until you want it to actually take off. In P mode it will try and hold position but since that is changing it will try and fly away immediately...
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    Hoodivision with Nvidia Shield K1

    Can you tell me which model you got for the Nvidia Shield K1? The Hoodivision website lists a shade for the Nvidia but the dimensions are weird: for Nvidia Shield and tablets 6.5" (16.5 cm) - 8" (20.3 cm) L 4.25" (10.8 cm) - 5.3" (13.5 cm) W My Nvidia Shield K1 is 22 by 12.5 cms so maybe...
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    Negative altitude?

    There are a few posts around with folk saying they have heard of a limit but I too see no reason for one. I think the Litchi limit below your takeoff is -200M which seems unnecessarily restrictive
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    Negative altitude?

    So there is no limit on negative feet below takeoff? IE if I was on a hill at 1500ft I could fly down to see level and back with no firmware issues? Is there a limit?
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    Using Lightroom to colour grade and edit video

    Does anyone use Lightroom to colour grade videos? I found several videos on Youtube showing how to do it (search on "Lightroom CC - Working with DSLR Video" for a good one from Julienne Kost but there are many out there) and the thing that amazed me was being able to take a frame of the video...
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    Is the Phantom dead?

    Interesting post...would like to learn more about extending battery life and this seems like a lot of good info but not sure what "Equalizing with every charge, at a 1C rate to extend life" entails...thanks
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    Any IT wizards out there?

    Yes I tried that and it was clean. Hopefully that will be an adequate check. I also scanned it with Bitdefender, again nothing bad seen. Maybe it was just an old version of the program that no longer works.
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    Any IT wizards out there?

    So I messed up installing DJI assistant yesterday and installed a version that I am sure is some sort of scam as it doesn't work fully and is much smaller than the real executable file. DJI+Assistant+2+1.1.2_2.exe 120MB DJI+Assistant+2+1.2.0.exe 208MB I installed the first one...
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    Overheating query

    Thanks. I was thinking a fan would do it too...
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    Overheating query

    Anyone have an idea how hot the Phantom 4 Pro can get without causing damage? I have just bought one and am busy learning how to set it up and use it and this involves lots of time with everythiing connected and turned on while inside with no air rushing past to cool batteries etc. Is this...
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    My pick for transporting p4p...

    Interested to see a picture of your setup if you have one or a link to the backpack. I'm looking for something rugged to carry a Phantom 4 Pro and accesories on long hikes in the hills so water bottle pouch and extra space for kit needed...and would need to fit in an aircraft overhead bin. Thanks.
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    Drones and marine wildlife

    Yes, sometimes that all it takes.
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    Drones and marine wildlife

    Interesting article: How emerging drone technology impacts marine wildlife