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    DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4k

    I'm sorry, this was posted on CL as well and I sold it locally. I apologize for not updating sooner.
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    DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4k

    SOLD 4 batteries Two RC contollers (one adapted to long range) 2 Battery chargers 10+ new blades 2 prop guard kits (never userd) These are for a P2 but the bolt pattern appears identical Microcopter Pro locking, water proof hard case with handle and wheels (holds bird with props attached) Apple...
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    Lost 3A

    Color me surprised to be updating this post. First and most important, dynotag works. This bird was tagged and yesterday I got a message from dynotag saying the tag had been flashed. Two hours later the sheriff's department was on the phone asking me if I lost a drone. After establishing my...
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    Lost 3A

    I was up pretty high (I live in the middle of nowhere) and I'm sure the upper winds were higher than the 8 mph @ 300 when I decided to fly. Richard R; Did you do an imu calibration after you repaired the motor? Yes. I didn't repair the motor. It got so hot it melted some of the supporting...
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    Lost 3A

    Was out flying at twilight yesterday and the bird stopped responding to controls and began drifting with the wind to the northeast. Pretty sure I can get her back. Had to call the farmer that owns the fields for permission and will go out soon. I got a limited propulsion mobility restricted...
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    Help Please :/

    To me it doesn't appear gimbal related. It appears the bird starts shaking the moment the props started turning. No recent bumps or crashes? Something appears to be out of round...
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    Drone Shot Down

    They just winged it. After it threatened a helicopter?
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    Sunset/Sunrise over lake

    Nice shots!
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    Close Encounter

    I was out flying a couple weeks ago... I forgot the Vikings were playing their first home game in our new stadium...
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    Phantom 4 Night Blades

    Cool build. Any shots in flight?
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    Found site by accident!

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    Pilot remote flying , Ops room style using Full HD

    Very impressive. Thank you for sharing this.
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    Positive Press

    You're right, at this point, I'll settle for non-negative press. Anything that makes the hobby seem less scary To the average Joe.
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    Positive Press

    More positive press in the Twin Cities Twin Cities-based AirVuz tries to grab eyeballs from the sky