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    Another newbie here

    Youtube helps alot
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    Gulfport Mississippi

    Hi anyone from the Gulfport area? New to the area myself.
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    Southeast Mississippi Gulf Coast

    Hi just moved to Gulfport. Had to sell drone because of move but will be replacing it ASAP. Had a phantom 3 standard
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    central florida

    At my house. But moving out of state. Sold the drone for now.
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    Orlando Phantom3 std 4 sale

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    Orlando Phantom3 std 4 sale

    I have a phantom 3 standard in excellent conditions. No stress cracks. 3 battery and charger, 2 controllers. 4 sets of props. 4 lights 2 strobe sticks. Signal booster, homemade shade box for smartphone. All paperwork, extra stickers and box. Price is firm 350.00 local buyer only will not ship...
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    Phantom series backpack

    I'm selling my DJI Phantom series backpack. $75.00 Im in Orlando Fl. Sold
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    Decals for Dji drones Look fantastic

    He has a link for a photo
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    Flying at night Part 336

    FAA Under the 107 it talks about the strobes light visible for 3 miles but again nothing under hobbyist as far as that.
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    Flying at night Part 336

    From what I have found if you are flying as a hobby you can fly at night. You have to fly in line of sight. Go to the FAA page it will say there are two ways to fly. 1 as a hobbyist and 2 as a 107 pilot. It talked about 107 needing a waver but nothing as a hobbyist. If you follow the rule of...
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    Orlando Facebook Drone Group

    Hi. Iam new to drone flying and from Orlando. I thought I would make a FB drone group. It is called Orlando Drones It is for new flyers and experienced to post your photos and videos. There is only a few members so far so join the group and help build it. Log into Facebook | Facebook Thank you.
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    Requirements of Line of Sight

    Very sorry im done.
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    Requirements of Line of Sight

    If you look at what i posted you will see i was makeing a statement about your response to the question. The second post didn't come until after Big A jumped in and told me to take it down a notch. I didn't think it was turned up myself it was just a statement. Everyone else seems to post...
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    Requirements of Line of Sight

    I just thought that a staff member saying that answers are stupid was getting a little disrespectful. I didnt say it he did. I dont think anyone answer a question with the intent of it being stupid. Thats a strong word....
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    Requirements of Line of Sight

    Thats nice.. Stupid answers.. Not knowledgeable maybe. Everyones a pro on here or think they are.