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    Phantom 2 parts

    Where can you get a vision plus fixed my cameras don’t connect DJI told me to buy a new one
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    The Phantom Two Vision Plus uses DJI assistant two it’s a free download what is it

    The phantom to vision plus uses DJI assistant two for assistance
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    Be wary of repair shops

    my p4 had crash damage bending one motor support arm. I sent it away to get it fixed at a top rated site in September they said they never got it. So I stewed about it for more than a month then I went back to ups store and got a reciet, date of delivery with the signature of worker. I’d called...
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    Dji4 controller has no gps to calibrate after crash

    Thank you very much! Worked perfect! Uavfortress had my drone 2 months before returning it unrepairable. They thought they had a free quad wreck ! I,m now flying again thanks to msinger and phantompilots.
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    Dji4 controller has no gps to calibrate after crash

    Dji leaves me little choice but to try to repair it myself.other shops want to total it. It still flies,but can,t calibrate compass to stabilize gyro. The app doesn’t even mention calibration. It does show location of drone on map stating home point! I’m ordering new landing gear to eliminate...