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    DJI Is Locking Down Its Drones Against a Growing Army of DIY Hackers - Motherboard

    Interesting article about DJI trying to take back control of all their drones. DJI Is Locking Down Its Drones Against a Growing Army of DIY Hackers
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    iOS app not working

    The Phantom Pilot app for android won't work me either. I thought at first it had something to do with AT&T updating my phone during the night.
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    What have you named your drone?

    I call my P3P "Sky Rails" because I use it to photograph trains all the time.
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    Can someone anyone please look at this and tell me if it plays smoothly or choppy for them?

    Played smooth for me on my Samsung Galaxy S7 edge and using a free WiFi connection in a parking lot. I was also wondering about the display in the video.
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    My P3Ps got more miles going to and from DJI than under it's own power!

    It only took 4 months and multiple trips from the east coast to the west coast and back before DJI finally sent me a new P3P with a working camera!
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    Printing Pictures

    I prefer having mine done at Bay Photos in California. I uploaded them using their free software and when I order over $20 worth of photos I get 2nd Day Air shipping for only $1.50. Their prices are very good and they will frame them if you want.
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    Go to Microcenter!!!!

    10 of them at the Cambridge, MA store and I paid $1200 last xmas!
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    Professional Quality Raw Photo Image Help Needed

    As follow up I just got my P3P back from DJI for the 2nd time. This time they sent me a new P3P and new controller. I tried it out this weekend and the photos are sharp even before I put them through Photoshop. It only took DJI 4 months to finally get me a working camera! Ken
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    Standard does DJI service center actually fix ANYTHING??

    I had similar problem with DJI, I bought my P3P for Xmas in 2015 and the camera was way out of wacky, all I could get were blurry photos from it. I sent to to DJI and FedEx took a week to get it to CA from MA. DJI got it on Monday, checked it in on Tuesday, repaired it on Wednesday and had it...
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    Professional Quality Raw Photo Image Help Needed

    I've making 8x10s and 8x12' enlargements since I bought my Vision+ several years ago and I've had photos published in magazines and have done a couple of calendars also. I can't complain about my Vision+, now if I can ever get my P3P fixed correctly to get the same kind of results it will be a...
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    Professional Quality Raw Photo Image Help Needed

    I have done some test shots with the P3P sitting still and they are no better then when it's flying. If I'm less then 10 feet from something and take a photo it comes out pretty sharp before doing any Photoshopping. My Phantom 2 Vision Plus takes real good photos similar to the ones that Metal4...
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    Professional Quality Raw Photo Image Help Needed

    You have some amazing shots of ships! My P3P doesn't even come close to the clarity that you have even after putting my photos thru Photoshop. If I could get that kind of results I'd be a happy camper!
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    Professional Quality Raw Photo Image Help Needed

    Gee, I thought for sure someone out there would have a P3P that took good sharp stills but based on the lack of any responses I guess all of them have cameras that take blurry or soft focus pictures.
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    Professional Quality Raw Photo Image Help Needed

    Hello, I upgraded from a Vision Plus last Christmas to a P3P and so far its spent more time with FedEx and DJI. (I will have to say that DJI got it in and out of the shop in less then five days.) I'm going to be sending it back for a third camera next week unless something changes by then. In...
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    What to Ship to DJI for repair?

    I sent my P3P in for a new camera and they rec'd it, replaced the camera and shipped it in less then a week. It took FedEx longer to ship it from MA to CA each way then it took DJI to repair it. When I sent it in they said to only ship the controller and the Phantom. I got it back last Friday...