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    P3P r/c main board

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    Professional Phantom 3 pro or advanced camera.. “ I kinda made a mistake”!!!

    Is the camera youv got for a p3p or a p4
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    DJI Phantom 3 pro accesories + parts (SOLD)

    Hi will you post to Sterling Scotland .have you got the GPS much for all parts [email protected]
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    Hello chaps and chapesses.

    Need a power supply of 5v approx from a phantom 3 pro cercuit board.i can switch the front lights of and on .I was hoping the light cercuit should power the drop mechanism. To release fishing bait. Any help will be appreciated.thanx phil
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    107 test

    NJ NJ in no in NJ no NJ no NJ hi
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    Another Question about Props

    Hi ok to use but you could use plumpers thread lock tape PTFE type it will stop them coming loose .
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    Phantom 3 motors not properly spinning when trying to launch

    Check the previous owner has not used the long mashine screws and damaged the motor windings.
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    Parachute System for a Phantom 4

    How can you mount a parashute on the top of a phantom that's only 10mill space under the props
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    Prop guard long screws

    I got a full set of eBay for my p3p that's all the screws £4 if I remember right .hope this helps
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    Prop guard long screws