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    Flying Drones in Europe

    This might be of help: Heliguy’s Guide to Global Drone Regulations | Heliguy
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    Is it Legal...

    Is it legal in the UK to fly over property that you do not own such as neighbours houses as long as you do not infringe on their privacy and are high enough... Just wondering as it is not made clear in the CAA's drone code?
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    PROS: VERY CHEAP CONS: Not very reliable, do not give you great piece of mind when flying, As they are LiPo's The fire/explosion risk is greatly increased Personally, I would either get refurbished official batteries or just wait for the price to drop...
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    Drone stuck in tree

    My Fix: Bamboo poles+ gaffa tape = giant pole... only works on heights under 50ft... Good Luck!
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    iPad Mini 1 Ok for DJI Go?

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    iPad Mini 1 Ok for DJI Go?

    Getting my new P3 advanced in a couple of Days, Just wondering if The iPad Mini 1 Is ok to run the DJI Go app properly?
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    Getting my new P3 Advanced Tomorrow...

    So as the thread title suggests I am getting my new P3A tomorrow and I was wondering if you guys could tell me anything cool about the Advanced that I might not already know... Thanks in advanced!
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    Bad Press for Drones

    Fair enough but don't you think that the drone flying comunity deserves a better public opinion as they do great things?
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    Bad Press for Drones

    Does any one else think that the media are giving unfair press about drones in general for hitting planes to blinding people. It would be nice to see some of the many positive things that drones do in the media for once, don't you think? Make sure to cast your vote above so we can see what the...
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    GIVEAWAY: Phantom 4 (winner = lalvar40)

    Phantom Training Program: 1. A basic first level - could start off with basic pilot training presented in a QuickStart guide which shows you how to prepare take off and land your drone for the first time. - This could be presented in a video intro where it pauses after each step and continues...