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    Silent Rotors / Props

    Sure, if you can get the tips to spin at the speed of sound.
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    Silent Rotors / Props

    I have time. If you were unclear on what you meant to say, what was it that you meant to say when you said "Most noise is associated with the tips exceeding the sound barrier"? :)
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    Silent Rotors / Props

    I left the science out of it trying to keep it simple. Your statement wasn't unclear it was incorrect.
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    Silent Rotors / Props

    Not sure where you got that info from. To break the sound barrier on the P4 prop tips they would have to be rotating about 29000 rpm. The P3 was tested at full throttle at less than 9000 rpm. P4 was an improvement but not 3X+. It is nothing more than the sound of the air moving, no different...
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    New Firmware V01.04.0602

    There is often a blurry line between what is software and what is firmware. In this case the NFZ is firmware. With DJI consider what is loaded in the hardware of the P4 as firmware and software would be DJI GO4. If NFZ was software you could use Litchi but that would have the same restrictions...
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    Phantom 4 with hardcase and extra batteries under $800.

    Looks like a scam. They are selling the Lily Flying Camera that never made it to production.
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    DJI Goggles and the P4P

    I have one on preorder but considering canceling. If I got the facts right if I want to continue to use my iPad I need the HDMI kit at another $100 loose all the all the advertised features, and only get 720 out of it not 1080. I will rethink when the P5 comes out and hope its as compatible as...
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    Of all the Apples I think the 9.7 has the brightest screen. I have never seen a P+ screen so I cant compare. I have recently added a sunshade which heklps but I used it without for a few months without issue. I just make sure the sun is not at an angle that refects back. Having the bigger screen...
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    I am using the 9.7 Pro. Its light enough to not put it out of balance and fits the holder without an extension, even in the case. Screen is plenty bright and has anti glare screen built in. Liking the big screen, easy to get to buttons on Go4. I have had zero video glitches unlike my Samsungs.
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    DJI battery charger

    Periodically check their website. Doubt there will be any updates for this one. If its to resolve a safety issue you will probably get an email.
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    DJI battery charger

    Page 3 in the manual. Firmware update port.
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    Bobbing up and down at night when low to ground. Way to turn off bottom sensors?

    Disabling the sensors may not help. They may be helping when they have the light to see. My P2s with no sensors do this. I suspect it is trying to maintain the low altitude but getting into ground effect pushing it back up.
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    Flying at a Los Angeles Beach

    With the weather as nice as it is this weekend all the beaches will be crowded. I have done my beach flying in the winter, usually early in the morning. Beach goers seem to have a higher concentration of drone haters.
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    How i can record the screen on a ipad mini 4?

    Thanks for posting, learned something new and it works great. Took pics of all my settings for reference. After years of telling my wife the Apples were terrible and she telling me the Samsung's were junk I moved over to the dark side and got a Pro 9.7. For awhile I had a Samsung sticker from...
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    *** Posting About Your 107 Results? POST IT HERE!

    Got off to a rough start, got there early to do some last minute cramming before my 9am test time. At the recommended 15 minute early arrival I walked up to locked doors. About 5 after they were in and started the paperwork. They had a computer problem and the proctor could not get anyone to...