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    p3p motor not start beeping loud!!! no ESC warning on

    Hello !! i brought this p3p the motor beeping loud and do not turn on, the others 3 turn on but stops after 2 seg. the firmware is update and there's no warnings on the app. no ESC warning. the drone come without sd card. i tried to insert a new one format but it not let me do it. what could...
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    phantom 3 pro one motor don't start beeping no ESC warning on app

    hello!!!!! i have a phantom 3 pro just bought when i turn on the phantom one motor do not turn and start beeping loud. others turn on but stops after 2 sec. there's no warnings of ESC on app or bad firmware. it's a bad motor or the motherboard? also it didn't came with a sd card. i try to...