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    Litchi and Phantom 4 Pro +

    That's fascinating. The signal range on my P4P v2 is about 4 miles. Going "way out beyond" that would make for a 12 or 16 mile round trip flight, or more. Do you have any trouble on long distance missions with having enough battery power to complete those really long flights?
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    Litchi and Phantom 4 Pro +

    Hey, my friend, thanks for the quick response. Just so I'm totally clear, I can turn my controller off and my iPad will still show the progress of my drone following Litchi's waypoints? Did I understand correctly?
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    Difference between phantom 4 pro and phantom 4 pro v.2

    Dang. All this time I thought electrical interference brought my bird down last year. I can still look up and see the marks my props made in the electric cable. Musta just been a freak wind
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    Litchi and Phantom 4 Pro +

    I did about 6 months ago and I love it on my P4Pv2.0. I do have one question I hope other users can advise before I try this: It's winter and it's cold and standing out in the open with my teeth chattering while flying my drone is no fun. Question I have is can my P4P be flown while sitting...