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    Phantom 4Pro Obsidian SOLD

    I have obsidian and I love it actually it would be great to have a second one
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    P4P v2: DJI to restart production (limited)

    Personally I think that would make sense because the phantom 4 pro is definitely an awesome drone
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    I am curious also!
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    Can I tell you yet it's still the 14th here in New York
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    Mosquito Attack

    On several occasions I have also had swarms of bees going after my drone and getting all chopped up.
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    Suggestions for best sun hoods to use with Phantom 4 pro controller with built in screen

    Foldable Monitor Sun Hood, Cell Phone - Tablet Sunshade Sun Visor Cover for DJI All Series, Compatible with DJI Mavic Air/Mavic 2 / Pro/Spark / Phantom/Inspire / Osmo (L121)
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    A Question about FAA Reg.

    That is a pretty video
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    Looking at a used Phantom 1 tomorrow, need advice

    Well it certainly does look very clean!
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    Wind speed and gusts

    I believe that was the drone God's telling you something! Disaster averted!!!
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    drone harrassment

    I would have to agree that OP would need to provide a little more information as in like location what major landmarks might you be near are they shooting a movie in your neighborhood things like that. Do you know possibly where they are taking off from?
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    Can you have too many drones?

    It is worse after Divorce!!! Now you have no controls in place and could tend to get carried away! If that is possible.
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    P4P+ No maps away from Wifi. What am I doing wrong? **Solved!!!** Phantom 4 Pro plus users will be happy to read this

    Cr125honda and Archaeo Thank the two of you for these hints I have been running into this with my P4 Pro Plus obsidian and I just keep going away from it. I had previously tried to find the solution and could not! This is a great help thank you
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    Help with text input on controller display

    Instead of underscore just use space
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    P4P Controller Failure

    Another thing that crossed my mind is to do a reset completely on the controller hopefully if you can access the menus
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    P4P Controller Failure

    If so I would load up the firmware onto your microSD card and put it in the port and reflash it. I have never actually heard of this happening so far I have the p4p plus and every time I do firmware and stuff everything comes out fine.