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    Mission Time does not work

    I'm running 2.0 FW with my P2. Anyone else have this problem?
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    iPad Ground Station Headings

    What do you mean for when it only reaches it WP? What is the actual behavior? The heading would be very useful if the nose / camera would face the direction you tell it whilst flying between WP.
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    Firmware 3.4 or 3.04

    Anyone shed some light on the details on the updated firmware? I have been avoiding it because of the limitations with waypoints and GS. Is there any significant upgrades that make it worthwhile?
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    A few questions about the GS

    1. I find the heading to have no effect on my waypoints, I thought it would face the P2 camera forward of what the desired heading is? 2. The return home when mission time expires does not work at all. The time I selected elapsed and it continued on the waypoints. I am running firmware 2.0, I...
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    mount for ipad mini to TX?

    cheers! does it come with that arm?
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    mount for ipad mini to TX?

    Anyone got any ideas? something quality that can mount to the TX. Something like this but better quality more lightweight. ... 338baf614a
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    Simple explanation for the heading option when setting a WP?

    Is it the compass heading to point the camera?
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    Subscribe to CAVORT for Phantom films from around the world.

    Vimeo: YouTube: ... XYdMUSj0YA
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    Understanding the modes for waypoints.

    None, Stop&Turn, BackTurn and Adaptive.
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    Is the LB compatible with the 2.4 datalink?

    Anyone tried this?
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    Is the DJI iOSD unit compatible with the Upgrade Board?

    This is ridiculous. They seriously released this board with no compatibility to the products they make? Who is running this business? That Colin McFry dude is a total jerk for not dealing with this ****. If he put as much time into the products he represents as he does in the gym they might be...
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    DJI Upgrade kit replaces the need to buy the Naza M V2 PMU?

    Re: DJI Upgrade kit replaces the need to buy the Naza M V2 P They can not be seriously selling all these units (iOSD mini and BTU) and are completely incompatible with the upgraded Phantom board?!?!
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    Any problems after upgrading MC board

    The board seems to be fine except that now I can not connect my iOSD mini through a PMU V2? There are now two cables that want to go into the X3 port and two that want to go into the EXP port - one from the upgraded MC and one from the PMU V2 that has the CAN BUS for the iOSD mini. Very...
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    OSD "on screen display" for FPV

    Did you find a solution to this? I've now got a iOSD mini PMU V2 and a BTU and Can not figure out how the cables are going to work going in and out of the NAZA...
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    Naza M FW 4.00 released

    How do you install the mini OSD on the upgraded circuit board?