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    Litchi Beta

    Not sure why that link is showing as Chinese haha..wasn't me
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    Litchi Beta

    Pretty sure it has always said collision avoidance, "active" is new right? Maybe ask in their FB group? -> 需要安全验证 Would be nice to see some Litchi folks on this forum. I've always been using Autopilot but recently downloaded Litchi and it seems like it's been getting a lot more attention than...
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    Admins: Can you fix this?

    I've had that issue happen. Gives me something like "server unresponsive". Has happened on the mavic forum a couple times too
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    Any word when Best Buy will stock the P4P?

    Advexure here in LA is showing the P4P+ in stock -> DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ Quadcopter | Advexure Super helpful guys, usually fast shipping. They did same day local delivery on my P4P so I got it shipped. My original controller was faulty and they had me swing by and pick up a new one within 24...
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    Dead camera/gimbal

    Have you checked the wires that run into the drone to see if they were damaged in the crash? Pop off the cover and take a look inside to check on that gimbal cable running into the board inside.
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    P4P Shipping Thread

    Just saw that Advexure has the P4P+ in stock but not the P4P. I had originally ordered a P4P on launch day with DJI and got the regular DJI runaround, saw Advexure had them in stock and got it within a day as I am in SoCal. Great guys, super helpful too.
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    Parachute add on

    Yes, just need a way for it to connect easily to the flight controller to be able to stop props when the parachute is ejected
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    microSDXC memory card/other questions from a newbie

    Very odd. I've had other Delkin technology but not Micro SDs from them. I've always used Lexar which have been great.
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    Phantom 3 pro flight controller

    I think it's simply a FC designed specifically for the P3 that is probably a Naza with expanded functionality and and capability. I don't think it has any particular name.
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    Phantom 4 Series - Intelligent Flight Battery (High Capacity)

    Ordered two Phantom 4 Pro High Capacity Batteries from Advexure on Friday and the mailman just dropped them off. Will have a nice cycle for my P4P with three batteries now :cool: If anyone is still looking for somewhere that has the Phantom 4 High Capacity Battery in stock they are showing that...
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    How I almost destroyed a Mavic Pro, mid-flight...

    I had a MUCH closer call with my P4 and my buddy's Inspire (carrying an X5R). I love doing "air to air" footage though..just need to be in close communication with others that are in the air!
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    DJI Go 3.1.1 released

    Report back if you see any bugs or major changes
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    P4P Shipping Thread

    Advexure is a stand up dealer. They have always been great to work with. Customer service is like no other, awesome communication and very helpful and knowledgeable. I had a one day delay on my P4P order last week and I got a call from Dan at Advexure on a Sunday afternoon to let me know that...
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    Hdmi Output module

    Just got an HDMI Module ordered from Advexure..going to give them a call later today to see what they know.
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    DJI Go 3.1.1 released

    Going to wait...I always give updates a few days out before I update