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    Problem sorted...should'ave RTFMed...ha!
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    UK Use of a quad for profit

    Hey! bliffman I thought I was the only Phantom pilot in Bolton. Let me know where you are if you fancy meeting up. Drop me an email if you like [email protected]
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    DJI driver...yes. Will try the admin route...thanks guys
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    Hi! All anyone had this problem...? My 5 year old laptop was running out of steam and had persistently started to go into a sulk mode for a minute or so. So I decided it was time to by a new one. Bought an Acer i3 running windows 8 that's all that seems to be available these days...
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    dji phantom 2 vision plus lights

    Remember always...R.T.F.M.
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    Gopro cases

    Thanks for the info, just emailed them to see what they can do. Again Thanks for your help Trevor
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    Gopro cases

    Hi Guys I need to buy a complete foam insert for a go professional case I have one spare for a Phantom one but just took delivery of a Vision+. The one I need is with the blue top. I cant find the address for them (gopro) does anyone have this or email address. The p1 I have has died on me and...
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    Adroid phone/app

    Problem solved but it cost me an Samsung galaxy tab a treat and is easier to see the screen. Thanks for all the suggestions guys. T
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    Adroid phone/app

    I agree with settings suggestion but its a case of finding it. Yes the P2V shows up on the wifi list but wont connect to it hence the comparison test when daughter gets here. I have been able to attach my iPad to the controller, works ok but the compass is a bit off by about 15 Degrees, could be...
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    Adroid phone/app

    The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S4 GT 19505 which worked fine on the previous P2V. This is the same type of phone my daughter has and the app works fine on that and also works ok on my iPad. The problem seems to be in the wifi connection between the phone and the phantom...there isn't one and...
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    Adroid phone/app

    Hi! Guys I have a problem with my P2V and my Android Phone. Before xmas due to a faulty p2v it was changed for a new one....I haven't been able to fly the new Phantom due to crap weather (who has) and other personal problems. OK! so I finally got round to it this week and...oops! the phone wont...
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    Battery replacment !

    I would second firstpersonview as a great UK supplier. I have had nothing but great service from Esme and the rest of the team...Thanks to you all. Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year. PS..Any idea when the Hoodies will be for sale..? Thanks again for the best service in the UK...
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    Poly-Styrene Foam Landing Gear Protectors Do Help

    Re: I Have Poly-Styrene Foam Landing Gear Protectors Here Pipe lagging and duck tape does just as good a job...but not available in pink. HaHa!....nice one though
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    Received Brand New PV replacement from Dronefly

    Found this on ebay Phantom2 Vision Prop guards if anyone interested. Iam - going to order them today only problem is thet are supplied from hong kong so could be two week delivery. ... 3cd8dabe8d
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    Phantom flips over and crashes on take off

    Re: Phantom flips over and crashed on take off Had a scary experience yesterday, weather was ok so finally planned to have a hover about in the garden everything was ok did a Phantom dance as the phone app said compass calibration required. This would have been the sixth flight of my new P2V -...