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  • By the way.It looks like your a real pilot.My range problems are no more and I finally went so far that my DJI GO voice told me to turn around or I would not make it back with the power that was left in the battery.WOW!!!!!!!!!!! That's a good thing.Anyway,Thanks again.
    Thanks for trying to help.Was not Quite familiar with starting a new thread,but now I've got it. I also discovered that it helps to have my range extender not being blocked by my house and a slew of trees. Went to a wide open area and realized my range problems wear not as bad as I thought. Anyway,I just wanted to thank you and everybody for their help and advice on this blog.
    Hi Tom - just read your post about P3 compass calibration. I came to the same conclusion... ask ME how I know. Do you know how long the compass will stay calibrated?

    I'm an engineer, you? like most engineers, I had to break something before I would admit I was wrong.

    Thanks for the post.

    Another Tom
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