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    How to respond to people asking you to not fly or fly in your space

    For every 50 people that don't mind you enjoying your hobby and would show an interest their will be one that wants to spoil your fun, for the sake of the reputation of the hobby its far better to avoid confrontation and be as reasonable as you can tolerate. If that fails, break his legs and run.
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    Maiden Drone Flight Phobia (MaDFliP or MADFLIP)

    I seem to be the reverse of the norm, I was very confident at first with my P2+ and used to really enjoy taking it out and pushing it to its limits. I found have that in the eighteen months that I have been flying my confidence has waned and I took it around to my new neighbours a few days ago...
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    My good lady is not impressed

    I don't get much luck with women either, my first wife left me and my second one wont!
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    I used to live I Bridgnorth (Shropshire) and sure that their are lots of places to fly and enjoy the open countryside, but I now live in the Highlands of Scotland and find the weather dictates when it is ok to fly.
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    New DJI batteries produce "MC invalid battery" message

    Hi Metar28 On the top right hand side of your screen is a small magnifying glass, this is the search facility, if you click on that a cursor will appear on the left hand side. type in there "MC invalid battery" and it will take you to loads of previous posts on the subject. I didn't have time to...
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    New DJI batteries produce "MC invalid battery" message

    I spent ages trying to find it last night but failed. I am sure it was on the phantom 3 page about it. I could do with getting mine validated as one of the two that I got with my phanton2+ is going a bit dicky. I am surprised that none of the wiser owls have not come forward with the answer.
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    New DJI batteries produce "MC invalid battery" message

    If it is of any comfort, I am in the same boat exactly. I did have a look on here before and got the answer, but never found the time to do it. I now have a few days off over Christmas and intend to plug my drone into the internet for the first time and have a look. Good luck with yours.
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    Battery charging question

    Thank you.
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    Battery charging question

    Any links for these lights that help you discharge a battery?
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    Police In On The Act

    BBC Midlands Today Its good to see the Old Bill putting a positive spin on the use of drones. You may have to scroll down a bit to get to the drone story, because I am not techy enough to be able to copy the exact link.
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    Would that be legal?

    That's written in English, but to a simple person like me that just wants his drone to go up, take a few pictures and come down again, it may have as well been in Chinese, but I appreciate your input RFguy.
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    Would that be legal?

    If my drone fell out of the sky, how would I know if was by "hook or by crook"/
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    Would that be legal?

    New technology could blast drones out of the sky Three UK company's have developed a system to jam your drone and render it useless!
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    My First Upset Encounter

    I think the guy was just grumpy because his wife wouldn't let him spend his hard earned on a drone and he was jealous. On a side note, I was at the local pub last night and I was offered eight legs of venison for £40.00, (about $61.37) Do you think that was two deer?
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    Question about lubricating the motor bearings

    Something else to worry about now!!!! When I started flying my PV2+ about nine months ago I was very carefree and it was great fun, the more I learn about things that could go wrong the more nervous a pilot I have become. I put it up today to have a look at a possible area that may be leaking on...