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    What happens if there is conflict with compass & GPS.

    What happens when compass is off by lets say 180 degrees. So north is south and south is north. If you engage RTH and flight controller tries to fly north... is there somesort of logic in the flight controller that solves this kind of situations. Obviously the flight controller knows that the...
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    3DR Solo

    As DJI ditched GoPro cameras from their drones, buying 3DR Solo is an easy choice!
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    Phantom 2 may be the last "Free" DJI product

    I thought this or ATTI flight mode would override the flight restrictions, but no. Once your Naza figures out where you are, it doesn't matter which flight mode you are in as it makes your Phantom autoland or lower its altitude. Only way to avoid this with firmware with flight restrictions is to...
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    Which phantom?

    But if its for shooting aerial video, theres no sense of leaving gimbal out of the equation.
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    Carbon fiber props - yes or no?

    With a Phantom sized drone I dont see a need for carbon props. Here's what happens with carbon props. And here's what happens with plastic props. download/file.php?id=7412&t=1
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    Which phantom?

    If your planning to shoot video with your Phantom, dont buy Phantom without the Zenmuse gimbal (either 2D or 3D). When its bundled with the Phantom its quite cheap, but if you end up buying it seperately it will cost a lot. Obviously Zenmuse H3-3D with 3-axis stabilization is better, but with a...
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    Re-balancing your LiPo batteries / charging batteries

    Is there any harm done to the batteries if you re-attach almost full or a full LiPo battery to your charger for cells to be balanced. For an example I have LiPo that I use to power up my videolinks receiving end and its almost full after some flights. Is there any harm done if I just re-charge...
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    Whats wrong with DJI (flight controller quality)

    Thats one way to judge the quality... I havent had any problems with this so...
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    Whats wrong with DJI (flight controller quality)

    One of my friends bought an DJI S1000 that has now about 20 000$ worth of equipment in it. Starting from MÖVI M5 etc. As you can guess my friend did a lot of homework before the purchase. What came out of the homework he did was that theres no logic in the quality of DJI products. For an example...
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    Trying to decide between the p2v+, p2v and the p2…

    What I've heard about PV2+ is that its gimbal is easy to break. Some have said that you dont need to even crash, but a hard landing may break it. In the other hand if your interested on owning an Phantom for video production purposes (if Phantom is even enough for that) I would surely go for...
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    First UAV Near Miss with Ag Aircraft Reported in Pacific NW

    Re: First UAV Near Miss with Ag Aircraft Reported in Pacific If the UAV pilot wasnt deaf, he heard the airplane coming. Your way of logic is part of this problem. The only rights UAV pilots have at this moment is that there are no rights.
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    New pilot, first flight

    What I've heard is that as the FC40 RC is on 5,8ghz and video on 2,4ghz the range of RC is much much lower than what it is with Phantom 1 and 2. Did your Phantom show that it had full GPS lock? Sometimes you get a good GPS lock when you take-off but while in the air loose it. If this happens...
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    Extending GoPro using DDWRT?

    You should look on to adding 2,4ghz FPV system instead of trying to increase the range of GoPro's WiFi. The latency is so horrible in GoPro 3+ and 3 that it makes no sense to use it for flying.
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    Extending GoPro using DDWRT?

    Using GoPro's own video feed via WiFi aint FPV... Its FirstPersonLatencyView... The latency is so huge even with the 3+ that I wouldnt suggest to anyone actually flying with it.
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    Obstacle Avoidance

    Funniest thing is that the two self-piloting/auto-follow drones in Kickstarter dont have anykind of obstacle avoidance system. Would you let your Phantom to follow you automatically without anykind of awareness of its surroundings... I surely wouldnt. I lost my first phantom using RTH, so I'm...