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    Tilted Horizon – the technical background and profound solution

    I have both a Mavic Pro and Autel Evo, both of which suffer from horizon tilt. I gave up and just fix in post now.
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    Seven Commandos Beach

    Spent an afternoon at Seven Commandos Beach on the Island of Palawan in the tropical Pacific. Turns out there were several of us who had DJI drones. We all were suffering some kind of interference or jamming. It was pretty weird, as the telemetry was screwed up, and there were all kinds of...
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    Bring my drone to exactly the same GPS location once a month.

    Civilian accuracy shouldn’t be a problem. You can make small corrections in post. Just results in a small amount of cropping.
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    The NAS; The FAA makes a stand.

    Yeah, I’ve read the Texas statutes very closely and to me they seem riddled with conflicts that I highly doubt would withstand a legal challenge. Almost to the point where I wonder if they were actually written by lawyers. The problem is, someone would have to actually challenge them in court to...
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    The NAS; The FAA makes a stand.

    Of course. Trespass always applies on the ground. But you can fly over private property.
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    The NAS; The FAA makes a stand.

    K Kind of as a rule of thumb, local governments can control where you take off and land. Once in the air, the FAA rules. There are some exceptions, such as if you fly your drone up close to a window to take pictures of someone changing clothes in their home, the local police could cite you...
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    The NAS; The FAA makes a stand.

    This is simply a re-statement by the FAA of the division of jurisdiction between the FAA and State/local governments. The authorities have always been there, but State/local governments have been haphazard and often out-of-bounds in their creation of drone regulations.
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    What are some drone Tips/Laws in the Philippines?

    All lipo batteries MUST be in your carry-on bags, they cannot be checked in. That’s standard for all flights around the world, that I know of. You can have your drones in checked bags, but without batteries.
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    Fireworks in New Milford: Drone + Land Cameras

    You're absolutely right, but DJI will base it's development efforts in areas where there is a substantial market base. As you point out, there are serious 3D enthusiasts, but the numbers are very small. I wish otherwise, as I developed great skills shooting, editing and producing 3D video, but...
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    Fireworks in New Milford: Drone + Land Cameras

    I have a lot invested in 3D videography and can say that the fad has passed. I still like it, but there's nearly no market for it anymore. :oops:
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    Hello from Bosnia and Hercegovina

    True. In 1996 shopping at the open air market I would have to buy 12 potatoes just to get 6, because they were in such bad shape only half of every potato was edible. By 1999 all of Europe was investing in Bosnia-Hercegovina. What a positive change.
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    A Pacific Paradise

    Made a trip to Palawan in the Pacific tropics last month. Although hot and sweaty, it was spectacular. Beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, outrigger boats, friendly people...pretty close to paradise, although still a bit rustic. Some drone footage along the coast in the vicinity of El Nido.
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    Your logic explains it perfectly! So that's why no thermal imaging on a Mavic... ;)
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    New Mavic Imminent?!

    Hehe... I just like teasing the fanboys over this one. Rumors over a "Mavic Pro 2" first started in January 2017, maybe even sooner. That's 18 months ago. And it was all speculation. To this date DJI never even hinted they would release a Mavic Pro 2, which is normal for them even if they...
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    But that would detract from their commercial drone sales, all of which have thermal imaging solutions... :(