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    Please help with esc error p3p data

    After all said and done I decided to change the main board myself and I’m back to flying again without any issues. When I first turned the drone on it acted like a brand new drone that has never been used and the firmware that was installed on the board was 1.8.80 and I was nervous about...
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    Please help with esc error p3p data

    It did come back after I tried to install a different battery so I figured maybe the battery so I charged the one it was working with fully but still no luck and I also already tried that v1.11.30 firmware with no difference. I’m gonna send it to dji for service but I am wondering what program I...
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    NEED TO SELL* Custom P3P Bundle $650 OBO Long Range/Upgraded Motors

    Wondering if you still have it for sale and what are you trying to get for it. Did you figure out why the other guy was getting a error obstruction with the motors
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    Please help with esc error p3p data

    Well I first of all want to say thankyou again for putting your time into looking into this for me and giving excellent advice. As you can see the pics of the board doesn’t even look like the same one and after all said it done the motors did fire up after I reloaded the firmware and installed...
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    Please help with esc error p3p data

    I feel so much better just knowing what the issue is or could be since I been going crazy trying to make some since out of what could be causing the esc error and like you said it might not work but I have a better feeling of why it’s happening and I greatly appreciate your time and knowledge...
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    Please help with esc error p3p data

    Thankyou so much for looking into this for me and now that you said that motor not getting power I looked at the board really good in that area and it looks like a mosfet is no good. I see a little blue on one side of it and where you would see the 4 connector pins on one side of the mosfet...
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    Professional Esc error and tried everything

    Here are the downloaded files that I hope are correct ones. If anyone could please help it would be so appreciated. I tried to view them my self and can’t figure it out for...
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    Please help with esc error p3p data
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    Operating near high voltage power lines

    Just wondering when ur drone wouldn’t start up near the power lines did it give any type of error on the app
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    Hello from New Milford, Connecticut

    How’s everybody doing I’m also from Connecticut and I been living in Easthaven for a while now and have a phantom 3 professional witch is extremely addicting. I’ve been flying drones for like 5 yrs now and I never get tired or bored of doing it. I’ve found a few nice spots in west haven by the...
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    P3p esc error for no reason.

    I clicked on the tab where you said to go and it brought me to the dji store
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    ESC status error

    My dad did that to his drone and I had to do the same thing you did all 4 motors and re run the firmware and it was all good but that’s why I’m so baffled because nothing happened to this one and even checked for loose connection but all looks good
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    P3p esc error for no reason.

    That’s the firmware I’m running and so many times I’ve read about the same issue I’m having and people send it to dji and it needs a board and 2 motors and out of nowhere things break on there own and I don’t know if it’s from that app or is it because I live near a airport and they have the new...
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    P3p esc error for no reason.

    I wasn’t blaming anyone but have read many times where they send there drone in for repair and all of sudden say it a bad board and 2 bad motors and I don’t know there true stories but it seems odd that all that will go bad at one time when there saying they had the same situation as me with no...