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    Drone Down! Drone Found!

    It's not mine and I wasn't there when he was flying. I told him how to get a video of the flight control playback to send to DJI. He didn't have his iPad with him so I didn't get to see it. He wa able to do an RTH initially and it started coming back. He cancelled the RTH when it got closer to...
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    Adjusting Frequencys

    You can manually choose a channel and a graph shows which channels have least interference
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    Gimbal Motor Overloaded intermittent error since 1.2.0

    It happened to me last night as I was bringing the P3P back to land after filming the marriage proposal. Just noticed it and then it went away. I wasn't YAWing at the time. Only happened once as far as I could tell
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    Can't Find Place to Set MANUAL Mode in Pilot App (P3P)

    Do you mean manual flying or manual photo/video exposure?
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    Newly Updated Pilot App

    Center Point!!! Yay!!!
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    VPS Problems on new firmware ( maybe )

    If you're going to start a thread you should provide more than what he did otherwise the forum becomes less useful. He saw a link on FB but couldn't copy and paste it to help others out? That's kind of lazy and not very helpful. I commented so that next time he will remember to put in a bit more...
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    Water Crash

    Weird that it didn't get more of the video written to the card. What about cached video on mobile device?
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    Water Crash

    Why did the video stop there?
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    Camera is not taking photos

    Format the SD card?
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    Still photo settings in Raw

    Yes, you can pick a WB and that will show up in Lightroom as the As Shot WB but it can be changed to anything
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    Video editing

    GoPro Studio just had an update too but not sure what is new
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    Are you pointing the camera straight down? Just use a field of view calculator
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    You can see the moon on a clear night and the sun on a clear day. Both of those things are VERY far away. Your question is kind of dumb but it depends on the size of the object you're looking at. The camera doesn't have a maximum length of view. It records the light that falls on the sensor...
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    updated 1.1.9 firmware? but not controller

    Yes. This is correct. Just the Phantom will update.
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    Is there a way to make the Phantom 3 control do this?

    The controller does not do Mixing. You have to manually mix the inputs by using both sticks.