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    Secondary GPS tracker to prevent loss?

    I use the Garmin GTU 10 every time I fly and it works absolutely great. I have about 75 flights with the GTU10 and haven't run into any issues or interference at all. It's a bit expensive, but it definitely works well and gives me the peace of mind in case there is a run away or if I lose sight...
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    GoPro and Fat Shark

    Thats what I figured.. I contacted Ready Made RC and provided them with a picture of the cable and my setup. Thanks!
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    GoPro and Fat Shark

    Hi everyone, for the past two weeks I have been flying my Phantom with the supplied camera that arrived with my Fat Shark Predator FPV kit. Everything has checked out, but I recently picked up a cable from ReadyMadeRC (the part was HERO3IRCAUDVIDCABLE) for my Hero 3 and I cant seem to get a...
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    Re: ANATOMY OF A FLYAWAY VIA MC Great video that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing!!
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    Why don't we start "location" meets so that fellow DJI flyer

    Re: Why don't we start "location" meets so that fellow DJI f Great idea, I am from Albany, NY.
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    GPS or ATTI

    Which way do you prefer to fly and why? Just curious, I mostly fly GPS, but wanted to hear about what everyone else prefers.
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    Garmin GTU10

    Just wanted to give my two cents. Received my Garmin Gtu10 yesterday and this thing works really well. Even had my wife hide the unit so I could track it down with my cell phone, worked great! I recently purchased the Phantom and definitely find this to be a good piece of insurance in case of a...
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    Thanks Paul for your reply. Sorry for being a little vague, I was referring to the "compass Dance."
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    Hi everyone, do you guys recalibrate prior to each flight? I have been doing this just as a double check (and also because it takes. Few minutes for the imu's to warm up). Just wanted to get your thoughts on this? Thanks Matt