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    Cheap drone flies after a year in a tree.

    My Syma X5C sat in a pine tree for over 3 months in rain and snow storms , I went every couple of days to check on it , after one wind storm , down it came , replaced one motor and the battery and it still flies today !
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    phantom 3 SE stops and hovers in follow me mode

    Follow me mode uses the gps signal from your phone /tablet , sounds like it lost that signal , gps signal showing in the app is from your Phantom
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    SOLVED! - iPad Can't change Return to Home Altitude or Max Flight Altitude Since Firmware Update

    Doesn't beginner mode set limits? Beginner mode set on after update ?
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    Motor Overload

    Sunny and 0 degrees on the south shore this morning , no wind till afternoon but just couldn't make it outside today .
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    Standard Magnetic filed interference

    compass is in the leg
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    Take shot with controller

    No shutter button on the P3S , maybe you should read the manual !
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    Will P4Pro get Waypoint 2.0 (like the Mavic Pro)?

    Back when I first bought my P3S there were upgrades to the Pro and Advanced that never made it to the P3S , I can't remember what they were but I know they could have put them on the P3S , they weren't specific to the hardware of the Pro or Advanced but DJI simply refused to upgrade the P3S...
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    Will P4Pro get Waypoint 2.0 (like the Mavic Pro)?

    Probably not as it is for the Mavic 2 only , not for Mavic 1
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    Can’t click shutter

    try deleting the app and reinstalling
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    Can’t click shutter

    The gold circle is for exposure metering , touch it and drag it off of the shutter button
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    Gain setting

    I think the op is referring to stick gain as was I , stick gain and stick expo
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    Gain setting

    all gain settings are 100 stock , and leave them alone , change expo but not gain !
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    UAV Forecast app?

    it's a tool , the more info you have the better , set your parameters
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    Links for new Canadian rules effective June 1st 2019

    read it again , it says without visual aid --- no binoculars or video feed