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    Phantom 4 pro Obsidian price drop

    I needed the filters for a shoot the same weekend. Both packages came on a Wednesday. I was told I would have the affidavit and they would ship on Thursday. It took until the following Monday to get the affidavit. I have nothing to hide and I purchased them through Amazon. Why would I need 2...
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    Phantom 4 pro Obsidian price drop

    I wouldn't buy from B and H. Spent 1700 2 weeks ago on P4P Obsidian, battery, polar Pro ND filters. Received 2 packages with the drone and battery but no filters. I called and had to send pictures of every side of box. Clearly showing no room for the filters with the battery but since the...
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    ISO- Ipad (air/pro/mini 4) with cellular

    Looking for an iPad that can support DJI Go 4 for my P4P.
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    Go Professional Case

    May be looking for a case soon and was looking at the 945. What are pros and cons of the GoProfessional and 945?
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    Like New Phantom 3 Standard with accessories

    I can also sell just the drone without the case, ND filters, and extender. Make an offer.
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    Like New Phantom 3 Standard with accessories

    Selling my Phantom 3 Standard in perfect condition. No crashes or hard landings. Always hand caught. Total Flight Time 1Hr, 56Min (27 flights) Battery- approx. 5-6 charges (always stored at 55-60%) Includes Polar Pro ND filters, Case, range extender. This was a Christmas gift but I have...
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    Phantom 4 P with extras

    Sent PM
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    WTB- P4 Pro

    Looking for a P4 Pro. Anyone thinking of selling? Must be in excellent shape.
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    phantom 4 pro for sale

    Is this still available?