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    What’s the best flight planning software

    I have 600 air miles using Litchi on my P3P. Litchi does everything I want to do. Joe KC7GHT
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    Phantom 4 grounded and locked

    I agree with WA5TEF. I don't fly with GO. I fly with Litchi for the last three years. I have 586 miles of flight on my P3P - 99% with Litchi. No problems with the geo fencing, but then I stay away form airports. However I have 3 heliports nearby. The closes one is at a hospital. I have called...
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    Please help with P3P revival

    I am using the latest firmware and apps on my three P3P. I have over 500 miles of flight on one of them. They all are working great. I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7" tablet and Litchi for all of my flights. I use DJI go just to set a few parameters once in a while, and to do firmware updates...
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    Discharging smart battery without flight?

    Take a look at this discharger. It works great. I just cut the DJI plug off of a spare charger and wired it to a short cable to the discharger. All automatic to 50% charge. ISDT FD-100 80W Discharger ISDT FD-100 80W Discharger - ProgressiveRC Joe KC7GHT
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    P3P cracked shell, thoughts?

    I have glued my lower P3P shell twice. I now have over 500. miles of flight on this bird. I used "Loctite Super Glue Professional Liquid" I believe I bought the glue at NAPA Auto Parts. It bonds very well to the DJI plastic. The second time I used the glue, I took the motor screws out of the one...
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    GPS Tracking Device

    Litchi has a "Find my Aircraft" tab on the "General" page. It will give you the location of the last signal received from the aircraft. This will show the aircraft on a Google Earth like map or terrain. Check it out. I always fly with Litchi. Joe KC7GHT
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    What a close call...

    One guy however approached me and asked me what frequency I was using. I didn't know what to tell him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi guys, I have flown fixed wing RC since the late 1950. On the fixed wing flight line they share the available RC control frequencies. Only one transmitter can be...
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    My P3P are all stock. DJI factory antennas. Forgot to say this. Joe KC7GHT
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    I have a DJI P3P. (actually have three). I have 500 miles of flight on one of them. I use 9.7" Samsung Galaxy Tab S2. I fly with Litchi app only. I have the latest firmware on AC, RC, and batteries. I have latest firmware on Litchi app and Tab S2. No problems. I loose video between 2 and 3...
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    Sad Day

    I have 529. miles of flight on my DJI P3 Pro. In that time I have broken probably 5 props. Just last week I decided to take the old props off and install a new set. My point is that the P3 Pro props (plastic threads) have been extremely reliable. I do however check the tightness of the props...
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    Unwanted Hesitation - Litchi Missions

    Go into Litchi and edit those 0 deg turns to some other deg of curve, and save it. I think that will solve the problem.
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    Litchi.....a bit disappointed

    I have over 500 miles of flight using Litchi with my P3P and my Samsung Galaxy S2 9.7 inch tablet. Litchi is fantastic. I never fly with DJI Go since I got Litchi. I hope this info is useful.
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    Power available without battery?

    Here is my thoughts about designing one. Airborne weight is critical, so I would: 1) use small two wire cable from ground to AC (bird) and solder it to the battery terminals 2) Install a factory battery in the bird 3) For example use 18 gauge copper teflon insulated twisted pair 4) 800 feet of...
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    Samsung galaxy tablet?

    I have almost 500. miles on my Phantom 3 Pro, using my "9.7" Samsung Galaxy Tab S2". Works great. Also does a lot of other things well - being a Windows user. My Galaxy has a 128 GB plug in micro SD chip too. 8 core processor. Fast and bright. I use Litchi 95 % of the time and only DJI-go once...
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    Flying at 18,000 feet

    Do a google search for "Vortex Ring State" and study the problems with vertical descent. This effect is much more pronounced in thin air. I have flown at 13,000 feet. (still within 400 feet of the ground). Good luck! Joe KC7GHT