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    Man hits baby in the face with drone

    Should baseballs be allowed in parks?
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    DJI phantom 3 pro won’t connect to the app

    Did you try this? Worked for me. The "Red" light on your RC means there is no communication between it and your phantom. Try to re-link them. You need to go into the App and under settings select "Link". After which you need to push in the button just above your gimbal. One is the LED and one...
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    A good pilot flies between the drops.
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    help required dropping a camera off with drone

    A neo magnet on a string would work perfectly and be quite simple. Attach another magnet to the go pro and you're done.
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    FAA's drone operator app

    Sounds like tattle tell to me. That app will report back, just wait.
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    FAA's drone operator app

    Who's going to install a tattle tell app on their phone?
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    Birds curious about P3

    When I searched for a cat on a drone I was hoping for a picture where someone tied a real cat to one for fun but this was too perfect. It's a real stuffed cat and it really works.
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    Who are you using to insure your DJI?

    I think registering with the faa is the best insurance because it makes drones safe and crash proof. And it makes you a better pilot. And it's only 5 dollars.
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    Flying from the car?

    The hardest part of flying while driving is having to let go of the joysticks so you can text and shift gears.
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    Birds curious about P3

    This should take care of it :
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    Flying VLOS - is that the solution?

    What if a jet airliner crashes that's full of unregistered phantoms? Which group caves in and cries first? This forum or the pilots forum with tons of hours of training?
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    Flying VLOS - is that the solution?

    Only the stupid ones that do dumb stuff are causing problems for the rest of the safe birds. I mean, what happens when a bird flies into a window and hurts a kid? Lawsuits, injuries, medical bills, etc. It's literally the end of the world because nobody has ever been injured before.
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    Flying VLOS - is that the solution?

    Well the only solution is to register all birds. Because registration makes things safe.
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    Professional DJI Phantom 3 - PC Drivers?

    Or plug the Phantom into your phone directly.
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    Paging Steve Mann

    Nope! With the "interstate commerce 'clause'" and the "supremacy' clause'" the feds have full power to do anything at anytime including take our money to pay interest on borrowed fake money to a fake bank to punish us for not following these fake unauthorized non-laws they think up. And a lot...