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    Safe to fly in fog?

    Not sure anybody addressed the question of legality. If your drone goes out of sight, you're not legal in the US. But I certainly get the attraction to clouds and smoke plumes.
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    New to drone flying

    I've had a couple of fly away issues. But they've all been related to having a LOT of steel in the vicinity. Skimming over railroad tracks and flying too close to very large all steel structures. Neither of them caused real damage as I always have a plan for ditching if takeoff is a problem. It...
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    My Phantom 4 motors make noise when spinning them off

    Which two? And are you in the northern or Southern Hemisphere? Sorry, just kidding. I'm developing a little bit of a whine in one of my motors too. But only when powered on. Sent from my iPad using PhantomPilots
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    Who flys in the winter?

    Great string here. I'm looking forward to my first opportunity to shoot snow scenes with a P4.
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    P4 owner in trouble with the law......

    Good for that neighbor and the police. Bad news for the jackwagon who is using his drone in a nefarious way. It's jerks like that who could screw with our industry. Knock it off!
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    Short night time video

    Looks nice. Curious about your rig and settings. I have a Phantom 4, but my blacks are never that clean. Lots of noise. Sent from my iPad using PhantomPilots
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    Unlocking Zones

    That's what I did end up doing. I didn't realize you could turn off geofencing... But then I found it. DJIgo is a pretty involved menu. Hope I can find hat little gem again. Sent from my iPad using PhantomPilots
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    Unlocking Zones

    I'm trying to fly in a 'yellow' zone, that I've flown in about 4 months ago. It is now being blocked by DJI. I have obtained permission from the local FAA to fly under 100' in the area. I have 'unlocked' the zone through DJI. I'm within 5 miles of the regional airport, but again, have obtained...
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    Phantom 4 or camera almost goes sideways. Cause?

    I've encountered the problem only when operating in about 30mph gusts or at high speed in Sport mode. My conclusion was that the wind resistance was just enough to cause the gimbal to momentarily break over, because it self-corrected. Had it happen just yesterday, in fact. I'm not worried... yet.