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    DJI Phantom with Mini Estes Rocket

    1) you're going to need a long wick. 2) probably need to set at an angle to prove lift and forward thrust. Like the one's on C130's (or the big military cargo jets) at lift off.
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    P4 fell from the sky like a rock

    RTH did me in when using Litchi and over my neighbors house. Thought it would return to the driveway, but noooo!. Came right down through their Oak tree. So now I only use RTH when I cannot see it, otherwise it's a manual landing.
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    Looking for Help: Oculus Rift on Phantom 4

    Is the OR portable? I have MyBUD glasses that are rechargeable to use. I have a better Sony 3D system, but requires a constant charge so I can't use it. The hdmi module is pretty straightforward, so confirm your mobile power source.
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    HDMI splitting

    I'm thinking you could have HDMI output #1 on module and #2 output on a tablet with HDMI output for other Fatshark. I'm not familiar with with passive HDMI splitters.
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    Eachine Goggles One 5 Inches 5.8G 40CH Raceband HD 1080p HDMI FPV Goggles Video Glasses

    Thanks. Good info if considering one. The MyBUDS don't have this issue, so happy with my decision to get them for now. Whoever heard of 16:10 output?
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    Would you like the DJI Go app to have distance in Feet and Miles?

    I'd like the height limit to at least tell me which one it is. I went waaaaay to high because I thought I set it to feet instead of meters.
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    FPV Definition Question

    Sorry, I thought you were asking about the FPV type with the use of glasses.
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    FPV Definition Question

    No it is not by default. Search the forum for the HDMI module and you'll find information. It needs to be purchased separately. The module replaces the current USB connection on the controller as the original factory controller does not have HDMI.
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    FPV Definition Question

    1) Need HDMI module or Litchi with FPV compatible cell phone. 2) Use either Headplay or Fat Sharks or MyBUD glasses with HDMI or the cell phone FPV. To answer the question: they are not FPV by default. You need a min of $25 for Litchi itself or $ to $$$ for HDMI module and glasses. You can...
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    Eachine Goggles One 5 Inches 5.8G 40CH Raceband HD 1080p HDMI FPV Goggles Video Glasses

    So installed HDMI module and configuring the MyBUD glasses. So far looks really good, decent sized image. I noticed a lot of heat on the HDMI module. Is this normal? How hot does it get?
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    Professional Go and Litchi conflict

    I think I'm running Kit Kat, but it seems like I'm not the only one. Dang... may have to separate the two.
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    Go setting for HDMI output and Image transmission settings

    720 FPS: 60Hz or 50Hz. What to choose? Simultaneous image output to app and HDMI: Unclear what this does. Not seeing a difference in much with it activated or not. Display OSD on HDMI output changes the FPV to include flight data or not. Not sure if or how Simultaneous image output affects...
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    Professional Go and Litchi conflict

    Replaced Pro gimbal with new Pro gimbal after crash. Standard install, reconnected wires, white cushions and all looks normal. Turn on and gimbal does it's tweets, centers as normal. Problem is no image on tablet in GO or Litchi programs. Get "disconnected" message. Remote starts up...