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    Just did a Long Range Flight.

    That would work... only problem is if you find yourself fighting against wind on your return...
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    Just did a Long Range Flight.

    I thought the max distance was 2 kms for these quads (1.2 miles) when did this change? EDIT: I looked at the DJI website and sure enough it says 5km range... when was this update done? I still could have pushed more but I thought I would not have enough power to return. Seems we are very...
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    Distance format keeps changing to Metric in DJI Go

    Good, we should all use Metric.
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    inspire pro for sale $3650.00 MUST GO QUICK

    Is this still available
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    Inspire for sale, flown once

    sent you an email... awaiting response.
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    New Phantom 3 version/variant - "Phantom 3 4K"

    This will probably be announced at CES in January.
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    A tree grabbed my P3A

    Yeah, trees be snatching drones all the time, very territorial creatures.
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    Warnings while flying in -5 degree weather in Colorado.

    Yes I agree on the battery issue... the battery will be toast anyways if it cuts the power to protect itself and the quad fall like a brick... kind of awkward the thought behind this failsafe.
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    P3 turned off and fell from the sky

    So what happens if you take off with a 100% battery but when it reaches say 30-50% you manoeuvre aggressively like both sticks fully upwards... will this happen to or it wont because the battery is warm? Thanks! JC
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    P 3 Battery Charge Cycles, How many do you have?

    Did you also noticed decreased performance?
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    Wanted - Damaged, non useable Phantom 3 Gimbal Upper

    Hello Hunch I want to replace the top plate because of a scratch, could you sell me the plate that has the four holes in it without gimbal or anything?
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    Why is video feed worse in photo than video mode?

    Am I the only one with this problem?
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    Why is video feed worse in photo than video mode?

    Hello Guys... Just as the title states... the video feed when I am in "Photo Mode" seem to not be HD while if I change to "Video Mode" (recording or not) it seems I get and HD feed... any reason for this? Thanks! JC
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    WTB Non Working Phantom 3 Pro Gimbal

    Hello Guys... Looking for the gimbal assembly for the Phantom 3 Pro... it can be defective, wet or whatever as longs as its cosmetically fine. Let me know what you have... Thanks! JC
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    Blurry Right Side of the Picture

    frankly in not that much but upon closer inspection you can definitely see it.