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    Share your winter footages

    From British Columbia Canada
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    Ice on the Fraser River

    Hi Flowrider Battery life was dropping at a faster rate than usual. I suspect I had 3 or 4 minutes less than usual. I did not take any chances and pulled it in around 50%. Temperature was 2C to 3C that afternoon. The cold weather was the week previous if I am remembering correctly.
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    Ice on the Fraser River

    For those in Beautiful British Columbia, I took my P4 out for a spin over the icy waters of the Fraser River mid January. Enjoy the 4K view!
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    Chicago near Millennium Park

    Thanks for the quick tour. Brings back the memories - I was in Chicago a couple decades ago. I recall a visit to the Adler planetarium and a trip to the top of the Sears Tower (name at that time).
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    A wine yard in Tuscany

    Please Sir, May I have more Super Tuscans? Nice job on the camera panning, very smooth. I hope this winery gives you some coin for your expert drone work. As @Cobs mentioned, a bit of fade work and it would be nice. However you can always play that out as "morning vineyard mist" and don't...
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    Why West Vancouver property is #%#@$! expensive!

    Have you heard about how crazy West Vancouver real estate goes for? (Well... all of Vancouver actually) I was out with a couple of buddies and took some footage of Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver. For divers, this is one of the best places to dive in the world due to the large amount of...
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    Is that your plane parked, John?
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    Hello from the Greater Vancouver Area

    @Kai Mele Nice! My good friends in my new video come from West End. Awesome part of Vancouver. Too bad the seaplane port puts a damper on drone activity on the "downtown peninsula". We went to Whytecliff Park not too long ago. If you get a chance, give is a try before it gets too cold out...
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    World Rivers Day - Work Boat Fun Footage

    Thanks Yota, Kai and Cobs. I have another and will post on the forum.
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    World Rivers Day - Work Boat Fun Footage

    The RiverFest 2016 Festival in New Westminster, BC, Canada. We have many working boats moving up and down the Fraser River each day. Sep 24, 2016 was a fun family celebration. Good excuse to take the drone out for a flight (Like we need one? ;)) Drone footage and vlog.
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    Took my Phantom 4 to an abandoned steel mill, feedback appreciated!

    Nice vid I like the run along the tracks at 1:57 I recommend cutting out that slight nudge at 1:06 when you were lining up the tracks. Other than that, nice subject matter and really good pans.
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    Youtube & Vimeo Channels - ALL LINKS GO HERE ONLY- NO VIDEOS

    My Vlog Channel - I am adding drone footage to my vlogs now. They are great tools to help with story telling. Business Channel - No Drone stuff, but if you are starting a business I am working on some helpful videos.
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    Hello from the Greater Vancouver Area

    Hi All: From New Westminster (Vancouver Area). I have a Phantom 4 and am enjoying the ease of flying it. (I have not tried sport mode yet!) I also have a bunch of nano drones I used to learn on. I have some interest in FPV racing drones. Not sure if those are found here given this is a...
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    StartUp/ScaleUp Business Consultant to happens to like drones!

    StartUp/ScaleUp Business Consultant to happens to like drones!