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    Propeller advice

    I got the tiger props during the week. I already tried stock props, CF ones etc but there is something different about these, they change the way Phantom flies, seems much smoother.. zero vibrations (balanced T-motor motors also), definitely increased the flight time, not much though. First...
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    Serious bug in v4.00 firmware

    Actually you can hold the shop you buy it from liable for the faulty part under comsumer rights law and the further damage due to the faulty item is called consequential loss and you can claim it through small claims process up to 2000 Euro. This is the case in EU at least. Obviously I won't...
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    Serious bug in v4.00 firmware

    I set it up 300m thinking it would be the safe thing to do, ended up landing it on a busy motorway, as it wouldn't come back. Thankfully I could recover it before it got crashed by the cars. Question is, if it was hit by a truck would DJI take responsibility? Could I get a replacement etc? Any...