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    F/S Phantom 3 Pro Camera / Gimble Parts

    I have this gimble from my crashed P3P. I lost transmission after the crash. I replaced the camera circuit board with a used one from the other camera in the pictures. I also replaced the ribbon cable. I’m no technician for these things. The second camera in the image, I just bought from a...
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    I'm buying broken, crashed, non working drones!

    I have a P3P that I crashed. 2 batteries, RC, in a foam box. Extra camera that I bought from here hoping that I could fix the camera. It flew until I did an RC update and now I cant get anything to work.
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    Is This Fixable? Camera Circuit Board.

    As usual I tried to replace the ribbon cable with no experience what so ever and this is what I have now. I lost the black clip that holds the cable down and damaged the white thingy that I can barely see.
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    New Crasher Here From Homestead, Fl.

    Figured I should introduce myself as I can see myself here quite a bit looking for tips and info on repairs. I picked up a used P3P and crashed after flying too low. My depth perception lied to me again. Actually I crashed a previous company P4P into the same tree about a year ago. Anyways, the...
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    WTB Camera Assembly For P3P.

    I am pretty new to quadcopters and recently crashed mine. I tried fixing it myself and broke little black cable keeper on the camera circuit board. After researching for days, it seems I may as well buy a new / used camera set up. I don’t need 4k if the advanced camera will work.