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  • Some Help please

    I have a built in screen on my Phantom 4 Advance controller.
    How do I mirror to another device such as a TV, Computer of I phone?
    Would appreciate the help.

    Hi, I'm trying to update my signature and regardless of what I try to enter I get a message saying the text is spam-like but it does not state what text it finds offensive. I read the community guidelines for signatures and I believe my entry meets those guidelines. Can you help?
    I downloaded windows 10 yesterday, and this site changed my name, my length of time as a member, and I cant post anything. I can read it all, just cant post. Is this fixable?
    Merry Christmas Slinger to you and yours :)
    Be safe .
    Thanks... Dirk. And it goes without saying my old friend... the same to you and yours...
    funneeeee guy lol N1 I going back in time now theres a novel idea :0 thank you in advance regards Hue
    owdooo Mr Gunslinger sir, it appears my birthdate is incorrect is it possible to alter it please

    it should be 2nd July 1968
    Aside from going back in time and closely supervising your parents... OH!!! You mean you want to alter the birhdate you entered when joining the forum!!! Gotcha. Let me see what I can do...
    What does the last post on this page mean? Dated Mar 28. Btw for the record. This old Spec ops Vet is trying to help and guess what. Pee pee smacking time. Maybe you shall monitor the bullies not the bullied. Just saying. It's bad customer service.
    How do you know who did or didn't get warned?
    i have a lot of cool drones that i would like to sell, phantoms, f550s, lots of others too, am i allowed to list them on classified and also give a link to my website
    Got it. Cut me off if necessary, was only sticking up for another.
    Hey Gunslinger,
    noticed you are a moderator,
    anyway I can change my profile name? Id rather a handle than my full name.
    Hello Gunslinger,

    I am new this forum and the following question may make me look stupid, but...

    How do I post a general question? I've looked for instructions on this site and couldn't find any.
    Any one can join, I'm only s member since tonight and im only learning the ropes ! My apologies !
    Hey Slinger,

    Well if you ask me this could be going over a hell of a lot better. We've got folks dropping like flies in the Fall, and grumbling almost as much as posting. Slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean.

    How many Mods did we actually loose?
    I'm still trying to get comfortable here.

    So, watcha thinkin?

    Is this like a PM or are others reading it?
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