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    What is the best settings ( resolution and frame rate )

    Is it possible that you will be able to use a GoPro with the Vision? My main interest is in taking stills of various projects I'm working on- so video isn't that important for me. What baffles me is that none of the other small cameras have an intervalometer.
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    DJI Innovation's Corporate Make-up?

    I think he'll be too busy selling Visions like hotcakes at a pancake breakfast.
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    Maximum wind speed for flying?

    I do the same as martcerv- if there is any doubt about whether it's too windy, I carefully fly the Phantom into the wind and make sure that if the wind is too strong and carries it back, I can grab it before it blows by me. This happened on the top of Whistler Mountain this summer. I wanted...
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    DJI Innovation's Corporate Make-up?

    O.K. what role does Colin Guinn have in the DJI organization? Is he a shareholder or an employee? Do you think he speaks Mandarin?
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    WHY do you want the Vision?

    The quality of still photos depends on the size of the sensor, the image size in megapixels, AND the quality of the lens system. GoPro has an outstanding lens system, which makes it so good.
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    You must use the original dealer to get the $200 rebate

    Since I posted this, I have received a reply to an email I sent to DJI stating that as long as you have the serial number of your Phantom, you can claim the $150 discount at any dealer.
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    DJI Innovation's Corporate Make-up?

    Does anyone know how DJI is corporately structured? Like, is the parent company publicly traded; if so, what is the stock symbol? Is the U.S. subsidiary publicly traded? If so, what is their stock symbol? If not, are they planning to go public? I'm interested because I think this company is...
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    What is the best settings ( resolution and frame rate )

    It will be interesting to see what the Phantom Vision brings in terms of video quality and different settings. Presumably, it could never be as good and versatile as the GoPro Hero 3+ Black. Unless, of course, it turns out that the Vision's camera is made by GoPro.
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    WHY do you want the Vision?

    Overall, the Vision seems to be a pretty slick, integrated package- real time video, real time GPS and altitude information, real time battery level, easy battery connection system, more flight time, etc. etc. However, the big unknown is still whether the Vision's camera provides the same...
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    Wait a sec, isn't a smart phone perfect camera for phantom?

    Re: Wait a sec, isn't a smart phone perfect camera for phant How can you trigger taking a picture with a smart phone attached to a Phantom? The great advantage of the GoPro is that it has an outstanding intervalometer (or time lapse function)- which allows you to set the camera to take a...
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    New Crowd-Funded Small GPS tracker.

    This is another product that relies on being within cell range to allow it to be found. But much of my flying is done in the wilderness- so this doesn't help. And it is in the wilderness that I really need a good system to find a missing UAV. My understanding is that the Phantom Vision will...
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    Why does my Phantom take so long to get GPS lock?

    What this illustrates is the need to have a better GPS in the Phantom and, hopefully, the Vision. They should use a high sensitivity antenna, like the SiRF, and also use a GPS that is capable of making use of both the Russian GLONASS GPS system and also the European Galileo System when it...
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    UK pilots: The CAA and my potential £2500 fine!!

    Do all these rules apply to "real" helicopters with a "real" photographer taking pictures out the window? If not, why not? Don't the same issues about invasion of privacy, etc. apply? Next you'll have to get a license to take a picture of the London Eye from your Boeing 747 approaching...
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    Another Phantom Vision Demo Video

    Fantastic; lots of good information! I'm stoked; can hardly wait to get my Vision. The one really important missing item is an actual full resolution video clip and still picture taken with the Vision. I'm most interested in still pictures- but just because the Vision camera has more...
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    WHY do you want the Vision?

    Clean, elegant, dedicated system- but also sounds like it will do exactly what I need to get done.