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    Must See Waterfalls

    Wow. Such a great resource for our up coming trip. You two have mad skills and enthusiasm. Have droned around some falls in Bosnia, Iceland and Africa. Never in Canada. But we might leave the Mavic Pro home! You have already killed it with your waterfall piece!
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    Drone Sunset Time Lapse Tutorial

    Excellent tutor! I have learned more than I expected.
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    Castles and Forts - Castillo de la Mota y Medina del Campo

    This is worthy of air time on tv travel channel. Very professional throughout. Thank you for the history description that goes with the movie!
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    Anyone (else) doing Security patrols with sUAV?

    Very proactive and pragmatic approach. I wish other security professionals would join the thread. I am sure you were not looking for personal stories and contradictions. The LEO's that I work for cannot be named... but very similar flights are common. And quite effective "eyes in the sky"...
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    Johnydiesel from Cork southern ireland.

    Welcome to the forum. Lots of good information to be found here.
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    SOLD P4 combo- two for one sale

    I should have made this more clear. There are two Phantom 4 drones. Each has a controller, charger, props, storage box etc. When I was 80% complete with NLD firmware, it stopped. I am unable to communicate via cable with the drone. I purchased a second P4 and swapped the camera to get...
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    SOLD P4 combo- two for one sale

    Another photo
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    SOLD P4 combo- two for one sale

    I have two P4 drones for sale The white P4 is perfect. The black P4 will not update the firmware. Bricked by NLD that I purchased. As you can see, a bunch of peripherals will come with the sale. Lots of props, better charger for two batteries at once. Speaking of batteries... the two...
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    Phantom 4 stndard with spare drone

    standard I believe
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    Phantom 4 stndard with spare drone

    OK... will sell the black batteries to you. Price is $749. The rest of the stuff will get listed for a dollar.
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    Phantom 4 stndard with spare drone

    BTW...I noticed the extended range antennas fit on SMA connectors on a white remote. So the buyer can have either one. Black, with standard antennas, or white with the extended range. The spare remote is available to anyone with a hundred dollar bill to spare.... cheers.
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    Phantom 4 stndard with spare drone

    Sure, trade for new white ones....
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    Phantom 4 stndard with spare drone

    I have two P4 drones that are not being used. Here is the story on this one. I needed to fly commercially in a Class Delta area. Had trouble with approval and so purchased the NLD software. Had done this on another P4 and worked just fine. This download bricked the drone. Tech support did...
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    NewP4 RTK user in Colorado, glad to find this forum

    Steve, you will find a wealth of info here. Not too much dissent to get in the way of facts! We tend to take for granted, the amazing software and stability of these cameras... after a while. Having hand flown helos and such... I never take it for granted. Welcome to the forums. Nick
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    Mavic 3 Pro Latest News - DJI empire strikes back!

    It amazes me when people want a post moved. It is as if it takes up space in their bedroom or closets. Come on folks, it resides on a server. Takes up a few screen lines. In less than 10 milliseconds, you can click past it. It is not in the way of your car in the garage. sheeeesh