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    Best P4P Backpack - Safe for Travel & Hiking

    After some thinking I've decided to get this backpack from Smartree: Smatree SmaPac DP3000 Backpack It's got great reviews and the price was just perfect. The Manfrotto D1 I didn't like because the props seemed way too close to the ground and if you dropped it the could break easily. I like...
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    Best P4P Backpack - Safe for Travel & Hiking

    Hey guys, about to get a P4P as they finally came down in price as of today. So my question is what's the best backpack that you use and are happy to endorse as a must-have bag? All I want is something that can store 3 batteries, the drone, ND's and iPad but have the ability to be carried...
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    Standard NEW RC Phantom 3 Standard Linking Question

    Weird one here.... I got my drone in America and I live in Japan. My RC broke so I ordered a new one from a Japanese store. It's got a different model number. From America, it's the Model GL 358wA but the Japanese version is GL 390wA. When I try to bind the RC to the drone it won't work. I...
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    Manual Mode is great for cloudy/sunny days

    Here you go, it's a little different flying in manual but at least you don't get that nasty white balance change when panning up and down.
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    My Drone's Eye View: Vancouver, BC

    15 years, but want to come back home soon. We're gearing for my son to go to high school in Vancouver. When I get back to Van I'm thinking of creating a video creation service where we film your event,party or location. Kind of a all in one service. I love editing. Also you could use the litchi...
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    My Drone's Eye View: Vancouver, BC

    I've been living in Japan too long! Next you must fly over the water. Fraser mouth would be neat to follow a BC Ferry heading out. Vancouver would be a blast but I guess the rain sucks.
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    So I took my drone on vacation to Los Cabos, Mexico

    One thing I do is before I fly an area I'll ask the business if they don't mind me flying around. In return I'll send them photos from iPhone using Airdrop. In Japan everytime I ask the owner is more than happy to get free pics!
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    My Drone's Eye View: Vancouver, BC

    Nice view of the harbor house behind kits. 2nd beach is just around to the left right? Any problems flying in Vancouver so far? I'm from Burnaby and fly in Japan. I'll check out your channel.
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    Manual Mode is great for cloudy/sunny days

    I decided it was time to learn how to shoot in manual mode on my P3S. Used the theory of 100iso with 2x shutter speed vs framerate all in D-log with lowered saturation/sharpness. IN post production it was a little scary but I was able to bring the shots to life. If you skip to about 4:40, you'll...
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    Last Days of Summer in Japan

    Learned a very important thing about my Phantom. On cloudy days never use AUTO exposure on settings. When you do turns and twists the brightness goes from light to dark so quickly. Also, really like combining GoPro and Drone footage into a montage as it tells the story really well.
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    Choppy footage on Youtube - Frame rate perhaps?

    Hey guys, Been testing some shots and I've noticed on some scenes I get really nasty choppy video. The original rendered version is fine but once YT gets it, you start to have this issue. I have the standard phantom 3, using 1080p 30frames. I think it's because I'm flying to fast over water or...
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    Birds, I hate them and they cause me headaches

    I fly in Japan, we get 2 common birds, Hawks (near ports) and Crows. I had my first near hit experience when flying in the mountains when I got close to some trees. I guess there was a nest, the crow came out and started to chase my drone. I was able to understand the situation right away and...
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    Aburayama in Fukuoka Japan

    This was a super fun video to make as I needed to film in multiple locations. Still getting used to my standard at the time as some of the footage was a few months old. Overall got some great low and high angle views. Enjoy!
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    Goodbye Summer

    what only 1 comment, this deserves more! Awesome editing skills and loved the busyness of your transitions. I'm doing an end of the year Japan video so I'll prob make a video similar to this. I'll sub your channel too!
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    Summer in Japan - Phantom 3 Standard

    Thanks, I hope my style has rubbed off on you for future projects.