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    Dual batteries, weight & Phantom limits

    To get more flight time I added the cf side mounts to which batteries are strapped with velcro bands. I have a tarot and gopro3 black, a flytrex and cables and a fatshark transmitter and 5.8 gHz CP antenna. DJI P2 props. AUW was 1450g. With paired Zippy 2200 mAh batts i could easily get 7-8 mins...
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    Phantom 1.1.1 with P2V props - Gain adjustment?

    Hi! flew my bird (v 1.1.1) today using 9" CF Vision-like props (Chinese knock-offs), which I balanced myself. Previous stock gains saw her flying pretty well but with some drift and the odd weird wobble. Then, as today, I flew with nothing at all on the craft. Rather than taking the laptop with...
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    Thrust washer problem

    Hi. So I got some new bearings with wider thrust washers and c clips. The clips are thicker than the oem ones and with the new bearings in, there is not enough space to get the c clip into the prop-shaft groove. Frustrating! I tried sanding down the new plastic washers but how reliable are they...